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Samar Shopping

Samar Shopping

Definitely one of the shopping hubs in the eastern part of Visayas, Samar is home to a number of huge malls, souvenir shops and specialty stores. All the wonderful items and products that these commercial establishments offer always leave customers very much satisfied, which contribute greatly to a one-of-a-kind fun and exciting experience called Samar shopping.

Wayang Wayang Souvenir Shop

Perfect for people who are looking for interestingly beautiful items that they can bring home with them, Wayang Wayang Souvenir Shop offers an assortment of items. This specialty store sells special t-shirts with various colors and designs. Add to that, there are also other beautiful things to purchase such as key chains, ref magnets and mugs. Of course, it also sells paperweights with special designs and inscriptions on them. Inside this store, different kinds of beautiful products are up for grabs for only 200 pesos.

Wilsam Uptown Mall

Probably the largest shopping mall in the area, Wilsam Uptown Mall offers customers a wonderful Samar shopping experience. Right inside this building, shoppers can do numerous things aside from shopping. They can eat at some of the food stalls available, which serve different kinds of tasty treats and refreshing drinks. Furthermore, it also hosts numerous fast food chains including those that specialize in Italian, Filipino and American cuisines. For people who are looking for clothes, they can shop for jeans and shirts at retail stores like Bench, Novo and BNY. Paying your mobile phone bills is never a problem inside this place because it has a Globe Telecom center. Meanwhile, the Cirilo Digital Photo Services is always ready to help customers in their various photo-printing needs.

Delzas Native Products

Found within the municipality of Basey just along San Fernando Street, Delzas Native Products sells different kinds of beautiful handicrafts. These special products serve as special souvenirs including tablemats, doormats and floor carpets. The store also offers native slippers, lampshades and various kinds of in-house decorations. For those who love bags, this place has a lot of beautiful items to offer, all of which are made from durable and well-selected native materials. These items are available for the reasonable price of 350 pesos to 500 pesos only considering their pretty good quality.

Catbalogan Centro

Primarily a small commercial center featuring numerous food stalls and retail stores, Catbalogan Centro is found within the city proper of Catbalogan. In here, customers can find numerous interesting items and special products. Many food service providers are available inside, which offer different types of food and beverages including hamburgers, soft drinks and sandwiches. In terms of fashion and style, this mall houses stores that sell footwear, clothes and different kinds of accessories for the body.

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