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Welcome to Naga City, Philippines

Welcome to Naga City, Philippines

Welcome to the land of the chili pepper eating people! The heart of the Bicol Region of the Philippines is Naga City. The place is well known for pili nuts, coconut products, hosts of bright talented people, and chili peppers.

The name Naga City comes from the sturdy and tough narra trees that were abundant in the area way back in the pre-Spanish times. Naga City is on the southern portion of the Philippines’ Luzon Island in the province of Camarines Sur.

It’s about 377 kilometers south of Manila, Philippines. Estimated travel time from Manila to Naga City is about eight hours long by bus with travels scheduled daily. Flights from Manila to Naga City are also scheduled daily. Estimated travel time from Manila to Naga City by plane is 45 minutes.

You can also get to Naga City by train. The Philippine National Railways have daily trips to Naga City leaving at five o’clock in the afternoon. Estimated travel time by train to Naga City is eight to nine hours.

Like the rest of the Philippines, you can enjoy the tropical climate in Naga City. The rainy season is from June to October, the cool dry season is from November to February, while the hot summer season is from March to June.

Naga City comes alive when the sun goes down at dusk. The nightlife in Naga City is second to none in the region. The streets are lined with karaoke bars, pubs, bars, bistros, and cafes. After you’ve come from the mountain treks, beaches, and coral reef dives it is a great way to top it all with a really crazy night in Naga City.

Naga City is also known for its natural spring resorts at the foot of Mount Isarog. If you are into backpacking or mountain climbing the Mount Isarog National Park is the place where you should go for a great nature trek. You can set up camp if you would like to stay overnight. You can also visit the Malabsay, Yabon, and the Nabontolan waterfalls.

Naga City has first-class hotels where guests are treated warmly with the trademark hospitality of the Philippines. You’ll find that the room service, cuisine, and facilities in Naga City’s hotels are quite a treat.

From sun up to sun down Naga City has many reasons to be a place to visit in the Philippines. Just be careful when the locals invite you to try at eating the homegrown chili peppers, be prepared with water if need be.


  1. Anonymous

    I love naga city! mis na mis ko na ang bicol! maogmang mga iribanan kang mga barkada! makamison! hay!!!!!!!!!!……sana matapos na ang construction kang mall!!!!!

  2. Naga City is my hometown, Since I am working abroad and my vacation every two years I missed a lot especially the fiesta (Translation & Fluvial procession, I missed the busy street of Naga and the breeze of Carolina. I saw a lot of changes during my vacation there are a lot of restaurant to dine in, a first class hotel to check in and even new resort. The economy is booming and I heard that SM will soon to build… that’s awesome! And I hope I can visit again NAGA.

  3. I have visited NAGA CITY many times in my travels. Its a very nice and safe place to be… There are many nice hotel(s) some expencive and some incredably cheap low as 185peso per nite!! I am from the United Kingdom and just love the Philippines, I have been visiting the philippines back and forth since 1994! Many Thanks NAGA

  4. Jinky

    Naga City is one of the Philippines tourist spot that we Filipinos should be proud of. With its hospitable people, wonderful scenarios,and enticing cuisines, what else could you ask for! Go to Naga and you will never want to leave.

  5. liza

    im coming to naga… im really hoping that it is an indeed wonderful place… im looking forward to it… i know that naga is a jewel that continues to sparkle….

    and this website is awesome….. they wrote as if you are looking in a picture….. making me mad for being overly excited to step a foot in naga…

  6. baby

    libmanenos ako but i attended my college in Naga city.now that i am working abroad..are there any web sites of department stores that i can look for to order some appliances.

  7. Tony Shorter

    My wife is a Bicolana from Naga and we are spending Christmas with the family there.
    I love trains and was interested in taking the train back to Manila after Christmas but have seen mixed reviews about the service.
    We recently took a train from Singapore to Bangkok and I don’t expect the same service but would get some idea what to expect.
    Can somebody give us a review in English so my asawa doesn’t have to translate


    Tony S

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