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Enjoying Philippine Transportation More

Enjoying Philippine Transportation More

Buses, cabs, jeepneys, tricycles, calesas, and pedicabs—these Philippine transportation vehicles are road wonders that either give us headaches (they keep us wondering why they’re allowed on the streets) or great help (they get us to our destinations like nothing can). Here are tips on how we can further enjoy them.

Air conditioned buses are comfortable Philippine transportation vehicles. They offer relaxed travel, great seats, and sometimes even DVD movies. But taking the ordinary, non air conditions buses is better. This Philippine transportation is more exciting and affords more fresh air circulating around. It gives live sights and sounds of the city, the crazy race on the highway (where one’s bus is an entry), updates on different localities, and a panoramic view of the city skyline. Public ordinary buses are often occupied by more friendly and open common folks who easily make conversation even with strangers. This Philippine transportation makes for a more enjoyable trip.

Cabs are often manned by observant drivers who always have a tale or two to share with passengers. One can enjoy a wild highway chase with other cars, with lots of sudden twists and turns and cuts, as the driver relishes on past experiences, gossips, news commentary, government top secrets, traffic updates, and other whatnots or bric-a-bracs under the sun. With their eyes on the road 24/7, cab drivers are excellent reporter-companions that add color to a Philippine transportation ride.

Jeepneys are a microcosm of a Filipino community where the driver acts as the barangay head. This Philippine transportation has more interaction going among the more involved passengers. It’s only here that passengers demonstrate the native “bayanihan” spirit when they help each other get fares across to the driver. When somebody gets off, almost everybody helps the person stop the jeepney. The same thing with getting on, especially with baggage. Here, even foreigners are expected to share in the cause.

Calesas and pedicabs are Philippine transportation systems that ease up the rush hour by its slow and easy travel. They feel like there’s no need to hurry and things can always wait. In them one can always enjoy a break from the busy pace of city life. Tricycles, on the other hand, are more rugged and daring Philippine transportation for better thrills and adventures.

Going ordinary on Philippine transportation is accessing a unique world of native rough thrills and reflective tranquility. It’s where one meets a typical Filipino in the flesh.

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