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Boracay Sightseeing and Activities

Boracay Sightseeing and Activities

Boracay is famous for its white sand beaches and waterfront bars and restaurants. That is why swimming, dining and barhopping are some of the activities that tourist participate. However, Boracay has other attractions beside white sand beaches and dining establishments. There are many other events, activities and destinations that will make a stay in the island more enjoyable.

The famous White Beach is where most vacationers congregate. This four-kilometer street of white sand is an ideal place for just lounging and wading since the waters off this beach are shallow. Shops near this beach offer tourists the chance to shop for souvenirs and shell accessories. While restaurants offer a variety of dishes, charbroiled chicken and raw fish marinated in vinegar are popular in these restaurants. At night, the place is turned into a festive place as tourists hop among bars and enjoy the nightlife.

Since Boracay is surrounded by water, it is no wonder that visitors can participate in activities other than swimming. Resorts and establishments offer a wide variety of aquatic sports and activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kayaking and sailing. Yapak is a popular dive site for scuba diving enthusiasts.

For the adventure seekers trekking, mountain-biking, caving, horseback riding are some of the activities that can be participated in. These activities gives a chance to discover the inner part of the island as they discover dirt tracks, hills and mountains as well as isolated coves hidden from the tourist crowd.

Near Boracay is Tibiao River. One can enjoy white water rafting in this river as it portions of the river are graded three to four. Aside from the attraction of white water rafting, Tibiao River is very attractive destination for tourists since it has clear waters, lush vegetation along its banks, spectacular views of rice terraces and majestic falls.

Another popular destination in Boracay is in Bulabog Beach. Boardsailing enthusiasts visit the islands from November to March to engage in their favorite activity. Every January, the International Funboard Cup is held in this beach. For the more experienced boardsailers, Tabon Strait offers great sailing waters.

Another attraction of the island is Paraw Regatta. This is a sailboat race. The uniqueness of this regatta is that Paraw, an outrigger native to the region, is used in this race.

Some establishments have facilities for traditional sports such as golf, tennis, bowling and beach volleyball.

Another reason to visit Boracay is the festival of Pana-ad sa Loboc held every Maundy Thursday and Good Friday of the Holy Week (it is either March or April). This festivity is held in honor of the Our Lady Of Guadalupe. This is a music and dance festivity as people dance after the rhythm of drums and gongs known as Bolibong Kingking.

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