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Legazpi Transportation

Legazpi Transportation


Knowing how to get to the province of Legazpi and learning how to get around the city using public modes of transportation is an exciting adventure. Aside from the fact that Legazpi transportation is safe, this is also an opportunity for one to experience the culture of the province and explore the tourist attractions in the most affordable manner.

Getting to Legazpi

There are three ways to get to the province and these types of Legazpi transportation can be by air, land or sea. For those who want to get to Legazpi in the soonest possible time, the best mode of Legazpi transportation is by air and a direct flight will take one to Legazpi airport right in the hustle and bustle of the city. Legazpi has a moderately sized airport, with a runway that is about 2,500 kilometers long. The Legazpi airport is open to both domestic and international flights so if one is coming from abroad, all one has to do is to find a flight that goes straight here. Once at the airport, getting around the city is no problem with public Legazpi transportation waiting right outside and consists of jeepneys, buses and tricycles for short distances.

Another way to get to Legazpi is by land and although this is longer, expect the drive to be scenic. Whether one opts to ride the bus or a private vehicle, this mode of Legazpi transportation will give one a tour of the nearby provinces and the landscapes to be seen are picturesque. From the capital of the Philippines to Legazpi, the drive should take at most 14 hours.

The final option to get to Legazpi is by sea and this is usually the mode of Legazpi transportation taken by visitors coming from other provinces such as Cebu. There are many maritime vessels that can take one to Legazpi including WG & A, Negros Navigation, Super Ferry and Trans-Asia. All these vessels go to Legazpi City and pass through Masbate.

Getting Around Legazpi

Once in the city itself, Legazpi transportation is easy and there are many options to choose from. Public utility vehicles such as jeepneys, tricycles, buses and even taxis will get the visitors to their destination. The cheapest mode of Legazpi transportation though is the jeepney and although these are not air conditioned, one will not mind the drive because of the cool Legazpi breeze that constantly blows in one’s face.

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