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Cebu Transportation

Cebu Transportation


The city of Cebu is fondly known as the Queen City of the Southern part of the Philippines. This highly urbanized city is economically competitive and over the past couple of years has seen tourism rising up the ranks of revenue generators for the local government. If one is planning a trip to Cebu, aside from reading up on all the tourist spots that can be visited, get the know-how on Cebu transportation. Knowing about Cebu transportation will not only help one get around the city but it will also give one an opportunity to appreciate how far this city has gone.

Getting to Cebu

First, let’s figure out how to get to Cebu and the fastest way to do so is to hop on a plane. If one is coming from Metro Manila, the good news is there are several air carriers that fly to Cebu more than once a day. Cebu Pacific is a domestic airline that makes 2 trips everyday to Cebu and there are also other airlines to choose from. If one chances upon promotional offers then one has a good chance of getting the lowest possible rates to get to Cebu. The plane lands at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport and this facility can accommodate both local and international flights.

Another mode of Cebu transportation is to travel by sea and it is a fact that the domestic port of Cebu is second to the busiest in the entire country. Large shipping lines dock at Cebu City’s ports and if one wants to travel using this type of Cebu transportation, then check out WG&A, Negros Navigation and Sulpicio Lines. These ferries can accommodate up to 4000 passengers per trip. Departure points include Manila, Davao, Zamboanga, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro and Butuan City.

Getting Around Cebu

Once in Cebu City, one will immediately notice the different types of Cebu transportation available from metered taxis, buses, jeepneys and tricycles. For those who don’t want to take public Cebu transportation, there are several rent-a-cars in the city. However, take note that public Cebu transportation are not only affordable, they are perfectly safe and because there isn’t that much traffic here, one will surely get to one’s destination quicker. A metered taxi can cost about Php60 per trip and this is for the air conditioned one. There are also the jeepneys which charge less than Php10 per head and these vehicles have designated routes.


  1. Steve Ream

    I am planning a trip to the Philippines in December of 2011. I have been trying to get some prices for transportation from Cebu to Davao on December 10 and returning to Cebu on December 14 for 2 people.

    Would you have that information or a site where I can go to find it?

    Thank you and love your site.

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