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Expat Visa Requirements

Expat Visa Requirements

Before you will be allowed to enter the Philippines, you are required to secure a visa from the Philippine consulate or embassy in your country. Just like in other countries, there are several expat visa requirements that you need to submit before you will be issued a visa to the Philippines.

One of the expat visa requirements is your passport that should be valid for at least six months from the date of your intended stay in the Philippines. When submitting the expat visa requirements, only the photocopy of your passport is required.

Another important expat visa requirement are the accomplished expat visa application forms. These forms are available from the Philippine embassy or consulate and may also be downloaded from the website of the Philippine government. In order to process your expat visa requirements quickly, fill in all the needed information completely and attach the required documents.

As part of your expat visa requirements, you will need to submit a proof of your status. Are you coming into a country as a tourist or as a businessman? Are you a student who intends to study a short course or are you going to get a college degree in the country? Prepare proof that justifies the purpose of your stay in the country.

Depending on the length of your stay, one of the expat visa requirements could be a return ticket to your country or a ticket to your next destination.

Along with the forms and documents for your expat visa requirements, you also need to submit two pieces passport photos. One will be used for your file and the other will be for your visa.

Once you have all the expat visa requirements, you also need to pay the visa fees so that your visa will be processed.

Other documents may also be required as part of your expat visa requirements, such as your employment history and a contract of employment (if you will be working in the country).

If your spouse or children are coming with you, your expat visa requirements will also include your marriage contract, their birth certificates and photocopies of their passports.

If you just intend to visit the country for not more than twenty-one days, you may be allowed to stay without a visa. Check the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs to know if you meet the conditions.

To have a hassle-free trip to the Philippines, submit the expat visa requirements the soonest time possible.

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  1. masroor

    i am a pakistani citizen and i am married to a filipina.i have a business here in malaysia.but i need to move to philippines because i am married there.so what is the easiest way to get a permanent residence so then i ll also start a business there because it will be better for me after having PR.
    reply me


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