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Palawan Sightseeing and Activities

Palawan Sightseeing and Activities

Palawan Sightseeing

Palawan is a known vacation getaway for both the locals and foreigners. It is not just the charm and beauty of this place that attract visitors, it is also the history and culture that Palawan has managed to preserve for centuries that draws them. Palawan sightseeing captures a moment in history of this island and certain places have been well preserved so that the tourists know and the Filipinos remember.

In Puerto Princesa itself which is the capital of Palawan, there are several places to visit. Palawan sightseeing in the capital city should include a visit to the museum which is located in the heart of this bustling metropolis and this showcases the history of the island from the Spanish occupation. There are artifacts that have been preserved for centuries. The Underground River is also a place that one must visit as part of Palawan sightseeing and this declared national park is a breath taker. The river is not only the longest river in the world it is also navigable and among the sites to see here are the limestone caves.

Palawan sightseeing is a chance to appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature and it allows us to go on an adventure with the many different Palawan activities that we can do. Palawan sightseeing is not complete without a trip to the El Nido beach and on this island alone, there are so many things to do that can be enjoyed by every member of the family.

El Nido Beach

El Nido beach, found on the island of Coron outside of Puerto Princesa City is a protected area known for ecotourism. Aside from the pristine white sand and turquoise sea of the El Nido beach, among the Palawan activities that should be on one’s agenda are a visit to the lush forests, the limestone caves, the mangrove river and if we are to include shopping, there are many souvenir items sold in small stores in the area. El Nido beach is among the places that are frequently visited when tourists go on Palawan sightseeing.

There are many resorts along El Nido beach that range from 3-star to 5-star accommodation. These resorts allow their guests the luxury of water sports and at the end of a very busy and tiring day, provide utmost comfort in one of their beach front cottages. Among the water sports offered at these resorts along El Nido beach are kayaking, jet skiing, diving to name a few and the good part is, they also offer tour packages that allow one to fully explore the island of Coron.

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