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Legazpi Sightseeing and Activities

Legazpi Sightseeing and Activities


The beautiful skyline of Legazpi and the tranquil, calm waters of the Gulf all help boost ecotourism in this city. When visiting this province, it’s a good idea to make a list of Legazpi sightseeing places to capture the unique beauty of this part of the Bicol region.

Mayon Volcano

Ranking number one when it comes to Legazpi sightseeing is the Mayon Volcano. One might wonder why the Mayon Volcano is a famous tourist destination and really, this is something that one must see to appreciate. Words cannot describe the majesty of this Legazpi sightseeing spot and the Mayon Volcano stands proud and tall at a little over eight thousand feet. It’s not the height of the Mayon Volcano that makes it special though but rather its perfect cone that is simply captivating. This Legazpi sightseeing spot got its name from the Bicolano word “magayon” which literally means “lovely”. Although the Mayon Volcano erupts frequently, such eruptions are not dangerous and merely add to the majesty of this natural wonder. At night, the bright red lava that pours down its sides is amazing to watch.

Albay Park and Wildlife

Another good Legazpi sightseeing destination which fits all age groups is the Albay Park and Wildlife found just outside the city. One might think that the Albay Park and Wildlife is no different from a typical zoo but on the contrary, this place has several activities to offer both adults and children. The Albay Park and Wildlife is home to some 300 species and its lush jungle makes one feel as if one went right in the middle of the forest. Aside from viewing the animals and occasionally feeding them, children can go on a boat ride which goes around the entire Albay Park and Wildlife for a quick tour of the premises. There are other rides at this well known Legazpi sightseeing destination and these cater to both children and adults.

Kapuntukan Hill

The Kapuntukan Hill is a landmark in Legazpi with its beautiful hillside that has a unique shape. The hillside here looks like a lion in slumber and aside from being picturesque, many wonder how this came to be. Once at the Kapuntukan Hill, one can trek all the way to the top to get a magnificent view of the entire Legazpi City as well as some distant islands. The ascent itself is not difficult at all and provides one with a natural high.

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