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Iloilo City: Great Vacation with a Growing Economy

Iloilo City: Great Vacation with a Growing Economy

Iloilo City, Philippines, was a center of commerce and trade way back in the Spanish and American colonial periods. The locals are known to be a people who are polite and calm in speech. You’ll find that the people of Iloilo City to be tender and warm to guests and visitors.

When you get to Iloilo City, one of the first things you’ll notice is that when you speak to some of the locals they would often just smile at you. That doesn’t mean they don’t understand you or they think you’re funny, it’s just that the locals are generally shy. When you speak to them in English, there are those who would respond in English since Ilongos (Iloilo natives) are well educated and can speak more than one language.

The people in Iloilo City are generally very friendly and would walk an extra mile to help a stranger. Just be aware that Iloilo City also has its own host of scoundrels — so it’s a good advice to be careful too.

Iloilo Ceres Lines Bus

Historically speaking, Iloilo City was an agricultural center back in the colonial days. Agricultural produce like sugar, mangoes, and bananas were exported from Iloilo.

Nowadays, Iloilo City is a huge source of manpower in the Philippines. The manpower in Iloilo City is classified under multi-skilled workers. The people here are also multi-lingual. You will find that workers would speak in the native Hiligaynon, but would speak English at work. Other languages or dialects spoken in Iloilo City include Tagalog and Kinaray-a. Iloilo City is also known as a source of the finest embroidery in the Philippines.

Iloilo City is very much alive with a host of various festivities. Some of the most notable festivals in Iloilo City are the Dinagyang Festival, Paraw-Regatta, the Fireworks Display, and the Feast of Our Lady of Candles.

The Dinagyang Festival is a lively cultural event in Iloilo City. It commemorates the Christianization of Iloilo City natives and is celebrated every fourth weekend of January. You’ll be treated to a colorful parade, a dramatization of the patron saint Sto. Nino, and a celebration of drums and shouts of “Hala Bira” by tribe members.

Iloilo City is also a host to an annual fireworks display competition. This is in conjunction with the Arevalo district fiesta and is held every third Sunday of January.

Iloilo City is also the site of the oldest golf course in the Philippines located at Sta. Barbara. Water activities are also commonplace that include offshore fishing, swimming, scuba diving, and water skiing.

Hotel accommodations in Iloilo City have an average price range of $18 to $100 depending on the hotel you’ll be staying in. The plane trip to Iloilo would have an average cost of Php 2,000 to Php 4,000 depends if you travel first class or economy and so forth. Airlines in the Philippines usually give discounts.

Iloilo City provides an experience of a really valuable vacation. It’s a pleasurable dive into a cultural hospitality that is unique to its people. Iloilo City is also a budding economic region with a competitive manpower that may well boost its economy.

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