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Fine Dining in Paradise at Portofino Resort

Fine Dining in Paradise at Portofino Resort

If you’re somewhere in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines perhaps spending a wonderful time in Puerto Galera’s heavenly beaches, if ever you feel like taking time out and try some world class international cuisine then we have the perfect place to recommend.

Portofino Resort in Puerto Galera is an escape from the paradisiacal world of the beaches of Sabang in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. You may call it a quick trip back to the real world for some well deserved fine dining.

You’ll be greeted by exotic birds when you visit Portofino Resort. It is designed with a Spanish-Mediterranean feel. The first-class architecture gives an elegant atmosphere that adds to the pleasures of your visit.

The quiet elegance of Portofino Resort is highlighted by beauty of the reflected sunset of the Philippines, white sand, and the rising moon at night over the lovely Verde Island right across from the bay. You’ll be treated to a host of different tastes in Portofino Resort.

Enjoy the wide variety of food and drinks offered in Portofino Resort, which includes a special rum drink, quesodillas, Huevos Rancheros, English muffins, and other gourmet dishes prepared and served by the best local restaurant staff in the Philippines.

Four course Gourmet Thai Dinners, Mexican, and local Filipino Gourmet (featuring favorite dishes in the Philippines) dinners are also offered during holidays and weekends at Portofino Resort.

The Portofino Resort also offers a host of fun recreational activities such as catered beach picnics, remote beach lunch, or sunset dinners. It also has a gym where you can work out with a complete set of equipment.

Visitors can also go snorkeling just 40 meters from the Portofino Resort’s patio restaurant. You may also go sea kayaking and wind surfing.

Portofino Resort also hosts waterfall exploration and mountain hiking. They also offer scuba diving at 40 different dive sites.

The accommodations in Portofino Resort are world-class. The place is set in a grove of coconut palms. It stands out as a condo-hotel in the middle of paradise. There are 25 fully furnished air conditioned units. The rooms and accommodations at Portofino Resort have full cooking facilities. It also has a bar and a full service restaurant.

How to get there? You can take a taxi or bus, or drive if you prefer it, from Manila to Batangas. At the pier in Batangas, you may get on a boat going to Sabang Beach. From Sabang Beach Portofino Resort is just ten minutes away by foot.

The Protofino Resort’s manager can also schedule an airport pickup and have you driven by van to Batangas (a two and a half hour drive) where a boat is waiting to pick you up and take you directly to Portofino Resort. The boat ride is about one and a half hours.

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