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Dipolog Personal Blogs

Dipolog Personal Blogs

The Orchid City

I was once browsing over some recent pictures of our trip to Dipolog City when my ‘Tita’ (aunt) asked me how to get to Dipolog City so that she could also enjoy the lovely places and landmarks Diplolog City has to offer. As a gesture of respect, it seemed that I just acted as a travel agent who helped and assisted me getting informed before I experienced

Enjoy Dipolog City through sea travel

From the port of Pulauan in the city of Dapitan, Dipolog City is very reachable. The distance between the Paulauan Port to Dipolog City is more or less twelve (12) kilometers. There are daily trips (ferry trips) that cater tourists from the cities of Cebu and Dumaguete. A weekly trip is available for tourists and visitors alike that would come from the busy Metro Manila going to Dipolog City. The creation of a ‘RoRo’ facility (Roll-on, Roll-off) located at Barangay Galas would allow for the ultimate relocation of the service to Dipolog while maintaining inter-island functions at Pulauan, that is right now a base pier.

Experience Dipolog by Land Access

I really enjoyed sea travel but my aunt was a bit ‘freaky’ about it and I was aware of it. My aunt and dad had their worst accident in the sea when they were still young. My dad, to overcome his fear, he chose and entered into sea farer’s career. My poor aunt never got over with it to the point that she almost even compromised her wedding because she kept it a secret to her ex-boyfriend (now her husband) when the proposal happened near the beach shore. It was definitely crazy but it was true. Nonetheless, my aunt was used to long hours of driving and she really enjoyed land travel. That was her major strength and unfortunately, that was my waterloo on my part. Dipolog City, from any point in the Philippines, can easily be reached through the Strong Republic Nautical Highway or RoRo system. Provincial buses around the Philippines are very comfortable and they are air conditioned. However, not for long, my aunt remembered sea travel again and she needed another option.

Welcome Dipolog City through the Skies

Since the idea of sea travel made my aunt ‘seasick’, I suggested another way of getting to the ‘Orchid City of the Philippines’. I told her that flights from Metro Manila to Dipolog City were available thrice (3x) a week. From Manila, the plane would land at Dipolog City Airport. With that note, my aunt smiled advised me within a day or two, I should be ready because she needed a tour guide for her to enjoy the wonders of Dipolog City. I knew then that Lady Luck smiled at me.

The beauty of the Orchid City of the Philippines is definitely accessible for tourists and visitors alike. Whether it would be through sea travel, land access or air voyage, transport services could provide safe and world-class quality.

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