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Cebu Destination Guides

Cebu Destination Guides


Cebu became an economic powerhouse because of the influx of tourists who are drawn to the one of a kind attractions of this place. Cebu destinations that can be visited have significant historical value and when in Cebu, one should make it a point to drop by these popular and interesting places.

Fort San Pedro

The Fort San Pedro structure which stands at about thirty feet was built upon orders of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi to become a military fortress to help the Spaniards win over the battles with the Muslims. Ironically, Fort San Pedro was later on used by the Americans to defeat the Spaniards and liberate the Filipinos. This Cebu destination however does not just have bloodshed in its history because it also became a school before. During World War II, many Japanese soldiers sought refuge at this Cebu destination but before they could fully recover and go back out to war, the fortress was captured by the Allies.

Fort San Pedro has been restored to its former majesty with some additions. Inside Fort San Pedro there is a museum displaying weapons used during the Spanish, Japanese and American regime. Artworks of aspiring Cebuano artists are on display here as well and one can take a walk through the former prison cells where those that ran counter to the ideals of the sitting government were kept. Fort San Pedro also has a beautiful chapel inside.

The Taoist Temple

First built during the 70s, this was the very first Taoist Temple in the country. Surrounded by greenery, this popular Cebu destination is a favorite among locals and tourists because of how peaceful it is inside. The entrance itself of the Taoist Temple looks like a smaller version of the Great Wall of China. There are many things to see inside the Taoist Temple and one can even purchase souvenirs at the small shop inside. Regardless of what one’s religion might be, this should not make one think twice about visiting this Cebu destination since it is open to all. Inside the Taoist Temple is a library which has a large collection of spiritual books and a chapel. A walk through the premises is very relaxing. One should not forget to take a picture of the amazing dragon statue inside the Taoist Temple.

Cebu has a lot to offer the eager to learn tourists and the good thing about Cebu is that modern conveniences are never too far for comfort despite the fact that there are many Cebu destinations of great historical value that have been preserved for years.

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