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Tagbilaran Sightseeing Guide

Tagbilaran Sightseeing Guide

Welcome to the Tagbilaran Sightseeing Guide where we show you around the most worthy spots in Tagbilaran, Bohol. Tagbilaran is located on the south coast of Bohol and the island of Bohol is one of the most note-worthy islands in the Visayas and in the Philippines altogether. Today, you will experience wonder, nature, fun and excitement through the Tagbilaran Sightseeing Guide.

Bohol is sometimes called the mountain island of the Philippines and with a good right, because you will not only find numerous ordinary hills and mountains, but also special ones that we will be discussing later in this Tagbilaran Sightseeing Guide. First we have to get a good overview on the activities and sights we want to see and that is why our first spot in the Tagbilaran Sightseeing Guide is one of the famous hills of Tagbilaran; Elly Hill. The Elly hill rises more than 100 meters above the sea level and give you a great view not only over the Bohol Island but also over neighboring islands in the Philippines.

Let us proceed with the Tagbilaran Sightseeing Guide to relax a little before we take the big ride to the great sites. Where else to relax than at the house beach of Tagbilaran called Kaingit Beach. You can even take a quick dive at the beach if you are into scuba diving. Let us start going towards the sites now that we take you with the help of the Tagbilaran Sightseeing Guide. The most spectacular site comes first which are the Chocolate Hills of the Philippines. The Chocolate Hills are not only a local wonder but is sought after internationally and throughout the Philippines. The hills are simple hills with brown grass which gives the illusion of chocolate.

Our next Tagbilaran Sightseeing Guide spot takes us to the Philippines Tarsier Foundation where you cannot only see but also touch tarsiers that are unique to the Philippines. The Philippines Tarsier Foundation provides a big natural habitat to the Philippine Tarsier so that they will always able to live on their own. You can take a guide with you so that they show you how you can touch the tarsiers in this area.
The next pot on the Tagbilaran Sightseeing Guide list is going to be a natural waterfall which is perfect for sightseeing and swimming. The Busay Falls in Bohol are a 12 meter wide fall with a depth of 4 meters. There are floating restaurants on top of the waterfall lake which is pretty much unique in the Philippines.

Bohol is one of the islands of the Philippines where the best of the Philippines comes together and this concludes the Tagbilaran Sightseeing Guide, but do not just follow our guide, but create your own and explore the sites of Tagbilaran, Bohol.

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