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Expat Food as The National Cuisine

Expat Food as The National Cuisine

New challenges always face expats the first time they set foot in the country. One of the most serious and life-threatening problem that must be immediately addressed is—not really terrorism—but food. Specifically, where to buy expat food that foreign residents often terribly miss and yearn for, especially in the tropics.

The good news is that today the Philippines is more open to expat-food type of cuisines, meaning, the native tongue keeps insisting on accustoming itself with global dishes as an offshoot probably to the thrust to go global in everything. Thus, the country, especially the major cities, is alive with fast food chains that serve expat food varieties targeting not so much the locals as they are a foreign clientele. In fact, the Philippines in no longer just the country in the Far East that it once was but a cosmopolitan tourist destination for expats from all over the world.

Another relevant development here is that the country is, in fact, fast becoming popular for serving one of the best classy expat food items in these parts, sometimes with quality better than those found in their country of origin. This is possible due to the influx of expats who share their culinary technology to the locals, or locals who extracted the technology in their stint abroad. Hence, premier hotels and luxury inns in Philippine cities and municipalities regularly feature special expat food specialties subtly seasoned and concocted for the discriminating foreign palate.

Even the regular fast foods in the country are mostly attuned to expat food standards and the preferences of foreign nationals in the country. Most expats have already accustomed their tastes to native flavors and often prefer a sampling of expat food in native flavors. A good number of them have also altogether adapted the delight of native foods and actually crave for exotic Filipino delicacies. They go out of their way seeking original recipes in the countryside.

But generally, the country is a versatile resource for any kind of food, native or otherwise. Expat food is no longer a big issue in the face of a growing global outlook in the country, and numerous expats have been comfortably settled here, without much ado on expat food. In fact, to stretch it a little, some just come here for expat food.

This may sound a bit exaggerated but the national cuisine perhaps may be expat food. On second, as we look around, this may not be too much to claim.

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