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Sightseeing in Olongapo

Sightseeing in Olongapo

The Subic Bay area is a wonderful escape from the busy city life in Manila. Located northwest of Manila, it is surrounded by the town of Subic and Olongapo City. Olongapo is a wonderful retreat when you are in the Subic Bay area. You can choose from the many outstanding accommodations. Olongapo is also home to a host of wonderful recreational activities and picturesque scenes any nature-lover will enjoy.

Let’s have a look at the wonderful places we can visit for a really nice and relaxing weekend. First off is the ever famous protected virgin forest which is home to the Subic’s bat kingdom. You’ll be mesmerized at over 10,000 bats passing through a narrow strip. The Fruit bats and Bamboo bats of Olongapo roost in the protected forest reserve. You’ll marvel at the wonder and beauty of bats in flight at dusk with the setting Olongapo sun as a backdrop.

If you’re not much of a bat enthusiast and not really the jungle type you can head off to Olongapo’s ocean aquarium where you can view tropical fish in their natural habitat. This is a must see for aquatic life enthusiasts when you’re in Olongapo. This may especially be true for those who aren’t really into swimming and diving but would love to see the wide variety of marine animals found in the Subic and Olongapo area.

A great place to enjoy a walk with colorful scenes in Olongapo would be in the Butterfly Garden. A perfect stop to all that walking and a great spot for a picnic would be at the Camachile Park where you can enjoy a wonderful time under the shade of Camachile trees. This is one the many idyllic scenes in Olongapo.

Hill 394 is the most popular peak in the Subic area. It gives a spectacular view of the Subic Bay and the legendary Mount Natib. It is a wonderful place for a hike.

Rizal Park is Olongapo’s oldest park. It is also the site of various programs, public gatherings, and a great place to enjoy the cool breeze and stretch your legs under the shade of Olongapo’s trees.

The Subic Naval Base was once the largest support base maintained by the US Navy in the Pacific. It was established in 1898 and was occuppied by the Japanese during World War II when Olongapo was attacked.

Just in case you are a water enthusiast or would just love to get a suntan there are a lot beaches and pools in the Subic Bay Area at Olongapo to suit your fancy. You can even hire outrigger canoes for a day and explore the islands and other beaches.

Olongapo offers more than just a wide range of accomodations, it is also a place for a great weekend trip full of wonderful recreational activities that will keep you in touch with nature.

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