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Philippines Hotel Guide

Philippines Hotel Guide

For a more enjoyable and hassle-free stay in a hotel in the Philippines, here are some practical Philippines Hotel guide tips traveling folks should remember.

First, it’s advisable and saves travelers a lot of woes to always reserve in advance with a Philippine hotel before leaving one’s country. Choose a hotel that has a shuttle service to pick up client-guests from the airport to the hotel. Also have itinerary and hotel accommodations pre-arranged in the different places to be visited in the Philippines. This is a very important Philippines hotel guide tip that should make everything work out well as planned and save tourists lots of time and keep them from troubles.

Second, always have pocket money or loose change in Philippine peso denomination, especially before getting to a Manila Airport. It would also be advisable to have some dollar bills available in hand, but keep most of them (especially money in foreign denominations) in banks accessible through ATM or credit cards. The adage to travel light is so true when traveling in the Philippines. So a Philippines hotel guide tip here is the less things we hand-carry, the better, especially when we’re past the airport and in the streets of Philippine cities looking for or proceeding to a hotel. And anyway, many hotels are near ATM booths.

Third, it is safer to travel around Philippines cities, especially when scouting for a hotel, with a resident Filipino companion one knows well, or recommended by someone one knows well. It’s easy to be lost in the streets in this country, and not all local folks can be helpful in such times. Bringing Philippine street maps may be helpful, but this sometimes only makes one’s being lost more obvious to some unscrupulous people. To be sure, there are many friendly and honest locals around, but being extra careful won’t hurt. So, as a vital Philippines hotel guide tip, have a local resident as a traveling companion.

Fourth, choose hotels with travel agency offices or ticketing booths inside them which are relevant to one’s flight options. This way, travelers won’t have to leave their hotels just to secure plane or ship tickets. Not all tourists are booked in packaged tours. Some love independence and adventure and try to find their way around the Philippines by themselves. For this option, make sure to get a hotel with the necessary ticketing and travel needs. That’s a convenient Philippines hotel guide tip.

Travel to and around the Philippines is generally safe. However, as in other countries, there are basic Philippines hotel guide tips for safety and traveling convenience.

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