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Nightlife in Naga City, Philippines

Nightlife in Naga City, Philippines

Nightlife in Naga City in the Philippines comes alive after the sun sets in the west. The locals would usually have really busy days at work but everything changes at dusk. The nightlife in Naga City is a great break to get away from the humdrum of the daily working routine.

Local employees usually leave work in the Philippines around five in the afternoon. For the local employees of Naga City, this would be enough time to head back home, relax a bit, change, and head off to their favorite bars.

The central business district of Naga City is filled with rows of bars where people can listen to different blends of music that fill the cold night air. Most of these bars open early at seven in the evening to cater to the early night owls of Naga City. The music and song would at times last until early morning especially on weekends.

Local bands are often featured in the bars of Naga City. Bands and performers from Manila, Philippines and abroad are at times featured. These are the big crowd drawers in Naga City when it happens. Bars like Planet B and Residencia would be a great place to hang out and listen to jazz, original Filipino music, ballads, rock, and rhythm and blues.

If ever your ears are inclined to jazz, saxophone, and piano music, then Sandi’s Point and the San Diego Jazz Bar would the right place to hang out. They feature music from famed icons like Nat King Cole, Kenny G, and Phil Collins. Enjoy the music while sampling the awesome barbecue that only Naga City can bring.

Nightlife in Naga City won’t be complete if you don’t check out Disco Antonio, Centro Oasis, and other discos in the circuit. Groove to the music of the Philippines and try out the free beer.

If you’re still up for the challenge, you might like to see if you have a knack for billiards. Billiard halls in Naga City are packed with people. The billiard halls in Naga City, like Nine Mugs or Podo Grill, make a unique combination of billiard tables, bar, and barbecue.

Nightlife here can pit your billiard skills at nine ball matches with billiard amateurs or Naga City’s local billiard aficionados. You can even come as a group and have a friendly game at the billiard tables or just hang out and enjoy the barbecue and beer.

Naga City nightlife is far from cold, dead, and boring. There are a ton of attractions that spice up your day and make the daily routine for the locals smoking like their favorite chili pepper. Nightlife in Naga City makes it a great place to stay in the Philippines.


  1. Gracey

    hello po. i just wanted to inquire if you know some place in naga that is near the airport, as much as possible po eh walking distance lang na mura lang po ang room for rent. i hope anyone can help me. pls email me at marcel_gracel@yahoo.com i need your help asap. thanks a lot


  2. Mikey

    Speaking of nightlife you guys should try out RITES MUSIC LOUNGE itis a new bar on panganiban drive it’s quite nice it is set up like a western stle bar so no bamboo and roaches running about. the place is nice wih proper vidoke with wireles mirophone and they have flatscreen TV’s on the walls and a huge projecor for sports and things like that. mostly businessmen and lawyers engineers hang out there the radio station dj’s go there often also. it’s in the same building as matts tourist inn on panganiban drive.

  3. Jon

    I live near the Airport in Lourdes Village and I’m selling my house over there so i thought maybe somebody here is interested on buying!……… You only walk to the Airport and only take a 5 minutes to drive all the way. 17-10 minutes to get to Pili and 25 minutes drive to Naga….. PM me if interested..

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