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Puerto Princesa Hotel Guide

Puerto Princesa Hotel Guide

Puerto Princesa is the city of Palawan. It is the finest capitals in the Philippines. It is the home of many resorts since Palawan is surrounded with many beaches. Tourists in Puerto Princesa can come from different countries not just nearby Asian nations. The beauty of this city is known world wide. The city also has some of the best accommodations that is why tourists should not worry about their stay because the hotels will always give them the utmost convenience and hospitality with all amenities and complete services.

1. Dos Palmas Resort – This resort or hotel is in Honda Bay in Puerto Princesa. They have the best facilities which include a pool, a gym, souvenir shop, and library. They also have the tennis and basketball court. There are fifty rooms in this hotel. The rooms are classified as bay cottages and garden cottages. Each room has good facilities including a balcony, a small bar and televisions with cable. The accommodation here is priced at ten thousand pesos during non peak seasons and more than thirteen thousand pesos during peak season like summer vacations and holidays.

2. D’Lucky Garden Inn and Suites – This is a hotel located in Peo Road in the city. They offer cheaper rates. They also have good amenities like a souvenir store, one restaurant and spacious function rooms. They offer thirty six rooms. The rooms are called standard suite, family suite and apartments. You can spend anywhere from eighteen dollars up to thirty six dollars for the accomodation. The rooms have private toilets and bathroom. It also has the cable for the television and its own kitchen.

3. Asiaworld Resort Hotel Palawan – This is a hotel situated on the main highway of Puerto Princesa. It is very famous for their good hospitality. This hotel is also filled with the best facilities like gaming room, outdoor pool and a tennis court. They also offer equipment and assistance for the guests who like to scuba dive and fish out in the seas. They also offer babysitting services for the small children while the adults enjoy diving or island hopping. The hotel has more than one hundred rooms equipped with standard amenities and a mini bar, kitchen and its own refrigerator. The kinds of rooms here
are presidential suite, executive suite and princess suite.

4. The Legend Palawan – This hotel is found on Malvar Steet. They offer the best services to their guests. The hotel also has a pool and several function rooms. The guests can also eat at their restaurant in the atrium or at their coffee shop. They also offer other services like dry cleaning and spa. The cost of the accommodations here can range from fifty five dollars up to one hundred dollars. Guests can take the standard room, deluxe room and executive suite accommodation. In every rooms there’s a television installed with cable and a telephone where you can make a long distance call.

5. Asturias Hotel – This is a hotel you can find in the south highway of Puerto Princesa. The hotel offers good services for their guest and the best facilities. It includes a pool and huge conference rooms. The accommodation in this hotel can range from sixty five dollars up to seventy five dollars. They have standard and superior accommodations. They have the electronic locking system for the doors to ensure the safety of the guests.

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