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Bohol Sightseeing Guide

Bohol Sightseeing Guide

The Philippines consists of various islands that yield something special and one of these islands is definitely Bohol. Bohol is one of the largest islands in the Central Visayan Region and if you are planning to take a trip to Bohol, then you definitely need the Bohol Sightseeing Guide for assistance in finding the special and hidden sites of Bohol. Let us take you on a tour around Bohol with the Bohol Sightseeing Guide right now.

Explore the first spot of the Bohol Sightseeing Guide that is located at Corella, Bohol and is called the Philippine Tarsier Foundation. The Philippines Tarsier Foundation is the only sanctuary in the entire Philippines to house the smallest mammal in the Philippines; the Philippine Tarsier. The Tarsier is often mistaken as an ape, but it belongs to the family of tarsiers and is known for its huge eyes and long tail. The Foundation created a natural habitat for the Tarsiers so that you actually have to look for one before you can touch them.

The next spot in the Bohol Sightseeing Guide is the most popular sightseeing spot not only in Bohol, but also in the entire Philippines and we are talking about the Chocolate Hills of Bohol. The Chocolate Hills are located 55 km away from the capital city of Tagbilaran and these hills are called such because of their brown colored grass. Every one of the 1,268 hills is cone shaped and looks just like one another. The grass coloring happens because the grass runs dry during the summer time, but in the raining season the grass turns back into a luscious green.

Another spot that has to be a part of the Bohol Sightseeing Guide is Alona Beach. This beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Philippines because of its white sand and perfect dive conditions. Aside from tanning and sunbathing, you have a perfect view towards the Mindanao Islands. Another great Bohol Sightseeing Guide spot is the Balicasag Island from which you can join expeditions that set off to watch whales.

The last site in the Bohol Sightseeing Guide is going to be the Macas Orchids and Farm which is a place that houses different orchid species and native houses of the Philippines that are all man-made. This little park is perfect for panorama pictures as it overlooks a sea. Get to know the different orchid species in the Philippines and rediscover your love for flowers here.

This concludes the Bohol Sightseeing Guide for the island of Bohol, Philippines. Now you know what to look for once you are in Bohol and you will see the variation of Filipino life, nature and culture in this wonderful island.

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