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Samar Personal Blogs

Samar Personal Blogs

More than 7000 fertile islands composed the country of the Philippines and the island of Samar is the third (3rd) biggest or largest one which is connected to Leyte which is an island on the southwestern part and flanking on the Pacific Ocean at the eastern part. The island of Samar has been defined by remarkable Natural Park, hot springs and stunning beaches. The Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park in Samar is located at the southern part of the island was established to conserve and protect thriving rainforest and mystifying caves. Another noted natural beauty of this island is the Blanca Aurora Waterfalls. It is a must for tourists or visitors to see and experience this natural landmark of Samar.

Catarman: Capital of North Samar

The beauty of Samar is still hidden in Catarman. Tourist spots in this location have yet to be discovered. For those who have had discover its wonder, the local government provided some tourist amenity and basic services. To accommodate tourists, pension houses are common in the place. Though the place is categorically rural, but its market and shopping center are significantly okay.

My Place of Refuge

Catarman had been my place of refuge when I was in college. Especially during those times I was really burned out by thesis making. My thesis moderator encouraged me to submit every week at least, two (2) pages of my work for me to finish my thesis earlier than the usual so that I could relax. Honestly, it was really a good discipline; nonetheless, I had to admit it was very tough. I had to make ends meet during that two (2) month journey to Calvary as I tried giving him report every week. However, it was worth it, I finished my thesis before the first (1st) semester ended and it was such an achievement for me but my energy had been totally drained. My moderator asked me if I were okay and I frankly said I was not. I told him with due respect that it had taken the best of me I really needed a break. He just laughed and said that my efforts had been paid off because he would be giving us a total relaxation. He told me to be ready in two (2) days because we were set to Catarman-his hometown. I felt a rush of cold water showered upon me giving and ecstatic feeling! For the next few days my classmates and I enjoyed a wonderful distressing vacation in Catarman.

The Catarman getaway was definitely one of the most memorable experiences for me. It was the best place for me to relax because it had defined the real meaning of the phrase ‘getting away from it all’. It was such a ‘retreat’ for me and maybe for some other classmates because unlike other tourist spots, it seemed that when we stayed there, it was as if it was our ‘own place’. The people were so warm and hospitable that I made a pact to the place that I would be returning to the place if stress had taken a big part of me. O failed with that pact, simply because I used to go to Catarman, not to do away with stress, but to answer the call of its irresistible beauty.

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