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Bacolod Destination Guides

Bacolod Destination Guides


Aside from the historical landmarks that one ought to visit when in Bacolod, there are also several other Bacolod destinations that can help one have a really good holiday. The beaches in Bacolod are beautiful and cater to a lot of water sports but aside from these there are other Bacolod destinations that are simply too enticing to pass on.

Sipalay Beach

If it sounds familiar, it’s because the Bacolod destination of Sipalay Beach is very well known. From Bacolod City, getting to Sipalay Beach entails a short jeepney ride and one can even ask a tricycle to bring one there. Because this Bacolod destination is just a short distance from the city itself, it’s not just tourists who frequent this area, locals also spend weekends here to unwind. Sipalay Beach is in Sipalay town and once there, one will realize that it’s not just one beach that one is going to but several stretching for kilometers on end. The waters of Sipalay Beach are pristine and there is a diverse marine life that is any diver’s dream. One does not have to take up diving lessons though and become a certified diver to be able to enjoy the marine life, snorkeling is an option. This Bacolod destination is very convenient for those who feel that one day is not enough time spent at the beach because there are several small resorts there where one can spend a night or two. The cottages that offer lodging at Sipalay Beach are well maintained and they have good facilities so one never feels that the modern necessities are amiss. Another good thing about the resorts at this Bacolod destination is that they equipment for rent for water sports such as snorkeling and diving.

Sipaway Island

The other name for Sipaway Island is Refugio Island but no matter what name one decides to call it, this is also good Bacolod destination if one wants to spend a day or two at the beach. The attraction to Sipaway Island lies in the many activities that can be done at this Bacolod destination including several water sports. While there, take time to ask about the Sipaway Island legends and visit the several centuries old Balete tree which is where most of the stories started. Among the things that are on Sipaway Island are recreational facilities, a couple of resorts and a wharf. The inhabitants of Sipaway Island are also very warm and friendly and speak a little English so feel free to ask them what life is like on the island.

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