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Davao Restaurants

Davao Restaurants

Davao City is the pride of the south. It boasts of a culture that is truly Filipino yet very interesting for any kind of exploring tourist. Among the many attractions in this side of the Philippines is the array of Davao restaurants that are out to impress every single time. No matter what you crave for, you will surely find it by looking through Davao restaurants listing.

Luz Kinilaw – This one is underrated among Davao restaurants. It serves tuna at its finest against a no frills, cozy ambience that will leave you lost for words yet it does not come out too often in Davao restaurants reviews. Tuna, either grilled or kinilaw (a local cooking method that is equivalent to the Japanese’s sashimi), should not be missed. [Salmonan, Quezon Boulevard; (6382) 226-4612]

Coco’s Grill – Great-tasting family meals is what Coco’s Grill serves best. As a family business, it understands the needs and requirements of diners with adults and kids combined. That’s why they concocted dishes that please young and young-at-hearts with every bite. Salads, pizzas, and pastas mostly compose a usual dining experience at this cozy eating hub. [F. Torres Street, Davao City]

Marco Polo – Chinese cuisine has always been a favorite. In this plush food hub, you get Chinese dishes at their finest. Crispy noodles, almond jelly, crab fuyong, and fried chicken with special Hoisen sauce are must-tries. [CM Recto St., Davao City; (6382) 221 0888]

Jack’s Ridge – If you want your food to come with lots of bonuses, this restaurant is a pretty good choice. A dining experience here is composed of reasonably priced familiar dishes plus a spectacular view on top of the hill. At night, your eyes will dazzle with the city lights. It’s a nice place to have get-togethers because the cozy ambience allows for some good talks coupled with tasty and delicious food. [Shrine Hills, Davao City; (6382) 297-8830]

Cafe Mediterranean – Fusion restaurant is pretty common nowadays. Then again, you do not always get the best of everything in all of them. If there’s one Davao restaurant that could give you the thrill of fusion cuisine, it’s Café Mediterranean. Asian, Mediterranean, French, Italian, and Spanish cuisine are put together for an exciting mix in the food menu. Lamb, chicken, seafood, and beef are cooked in every other fabulous way for mouthwatering food choices. The kebabs and gyros are must-tries. [G/F Chimes Mall, Governor Sales St. Davao City; (6382) 225 8997]

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