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Ormoc Festivals and Events

Ormoc Festivals and Events


The quiet province of Leyte where everyone goes to for privacy and unwinding comes to life with the colorful and lively Ormoc festivals held annually. Ormoc festivals are a chance to mingle with the locals of the province of Leyte, enjoy the sights and sounds of the city and learn about its rich culture and history.

Buyogan Festival

At the top of the list when it comes to Ormoc festivals is the Buyogan Festival and it is highly recommended by both locals and visitors who have experienced it. The Buyogan Festival is celebrated every August and the main attraction of this Ormoc festival is the colorful costumes worn by the residents of Buyogan, a small town in Ormoc. The Buyogan Festival is so named because the entire event centers on “buyog” or bees. The dances performed during this celebration mimic the movement of bees. There is also a dance competition during this whole week affair and the competitors are from the local high schools. The cash winnings provided by the local government during the Buyogan Festival goes to the best performers and the funds are used for certain things that their schools might need.

The Buyogan Festival also honors the patron saint of the town, St. Francis Xavier, and the event is a mixture of something religious and age old pagan beliefs prior to the introduction of Christianity to this province. The legendary fairy Opayda, believed to bring luck to good people is honored in several plays.

Sunduan ha Carigana

Another well known Ormoc festival is the Sunduan ha Carigana which is celebrated during Holy Week but the main event takes place during Easter Sunday. The Sunduan ha Carigana is a joyous event that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and there are several parades held during this Ormoc festival that not only pay tribute to the Catholic faith, but also showcase the rich history of this province. Like most Ormoc festivals, the Sunduan ha Carigana has street dancing and dance competitions where both males and females join. Visitors are most welcome to participate in the activities organized during the Sunduan ha Carigana which have been tailored so that every member of the family would at least have one event to join. Easter Sunday ends with a bang because at the end of the parades and presentations, there is a beautiful fireworks display for all to enjoy, not to mention great food prepared by the locals during the Sunduan ha Carigana.Ormoc festivals are very colorful events that not only honor the dominant religion in this province but also showcase the history and heritage of Leyte’s prominent towns. The Sunduan ha Carigana and the Buyogan Festival are week long events that are filled with fun and laughter as well as activities that everyone can enjoy. Ormoc festivals are events that should not be missed if you want to capture the diversity and beauty of this province.

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