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Palawan Hospitals and Health Care

Palawan Hospitals and Health Care

Palawan is one of the most visited, inviting and interesting island provinces in the Philippines. Travelers and residents in this place have nothing to worry about medical emergencies because there are numerous health care institutions in the area that provide affordable and high quality services. Palawan hospitals and health care facilities are subdivided into several categories including rural health institutes, Medicare facilities as well as municipal health units. Below are some of the most efficient, reliable and accessible Palawan hospitals and health care institutions.

Palawan Adventist Hospital and RTN

Two popular private health care facilities in the province are the RTN and Palawan Adventist Hospital. Both of these medical establishments provide high quality services to patients. These institutions employ topnotch physicians and medical staff. In addition, the institutes use advance medical equipment for the diagnosis and treatments of patients. The private rooms and wards in these establishments are comfortable and well ventilated. Above all, the hospitals have emergency rooms where patients can always go and stay if they have health conditions that need immediate attention from medical experts.

Rizal Rural Health Unit and Narra Municipal Hospital

To help the financially challenged residents in the province, the local government established several public Palawan hospitals and health care facilities including the Rizal Rural Health Unit as well as Narra Municipal Hospital. These institutes provide free medical assistance and regular check-ups to individuals who cannot afford to pay the services offered by private medical establishments in the island province. The facilities in these places include lying-in rooms, small wards and emergency rooms.

Aborlan Medicare and Roxas Medicare

For patients who are looking for medical establishments that accept members as well as holders of Medicare cards, two of the institutions to be visited in the province of Palawan are Aborlan Medicare and Roxas Medicare. Some of the medical services available at Aborlan are dental, pediatrics and emergency. At Roxas Medicare, patients can seek assistance from professionals who have excellent knowledge on obstetrics and gynecology as well as surgery.

Brookes Point District Hospital

Finally, patients who want to seek medical help at secondary medical institutes in Palawan, they can always go to Brookes Point District Hospital. This establishment has 25-bed capacity so those who need immediate medical attention can be admitted in this place. To provide high quality services, the administration of this institution recruits excellent and licensed physicians, nurses as well as medical technologists. Lastly, the costs of services offered at this place are not as high as the medical costs at private hospitals in the area.

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