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Best Beach Resort in Boracay

Best Beach Resort in Boracay

Seclusion. Great food. Warm people. Luxury. Paradise. You though you can’t have all of them in one great vacation? Well think again because the Club Panoly Beach Resort in the Philippines’ beach paradise island of Boracay can give you the best vacation time of your whole lifetime.

Boracay is now very accessible from the nation’s capital. A lot of airlines are making it possible to get more and more people to get into this heavenly island by offering cheaper rates and faster flights. It would take you less than an hour to fly into Kalibo, Aklan and from there; a shuttle from The Club Panoly Beach Resort would be there to take you directly to the white beach, hassle-free!

Once you dock into the white powdery sands of Panoly, these red-clad men and women of the resort would give you a warm welcome coupled with a refreshing cold drink to wear you off your tiredness. One cannot help but be astonished at this beautiful sight, the white beach, which happily greets them on their arrival.

Club Panoly has got to be one of the bigger beach resorts in Boracay. It has its own beach front away from the crowd and madness in the downtown stations. Should you want to go mall’ing or eat in the main beach, a modest and comfortable shuttle is ready for you to bring you there and pick you up as well.

The kids would surely enjoy the big and beautiful pool and the adults can enjoy having their tan in Panoly’s comfortable sun beds. There is also a poolside bar to make it an even more enjoyable experience for everyone! Panoly would even let you get a taste of the wildlife because of the wild animals it houses in its mini-zoo. The Club Panoly Beach Resort has also not forgotten to provide something to the athletic: a spacious tennis-court is available for the tennis-goers.

After enjoying the beautiful sands and water of Boracay, you would surely want to take a long and luxurious rest. Panoly is a five-star hotel and you have the option to stay in the nipa huts for a more native feel or in the main hotel for luxury. Food is plentiful and you would surely never go hungry in your stay here! Café Havana is also there to get you into the dancing mood.

You have made the right choice by exploring the Philippines’s most treasured island of Boracay. You would certainly make a smarter choice by letting Panoly complete this experience for you. A great place and great accommodation, the Club Panoly Beach Resort would surely be perfect this vacation that you truly deserve.

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