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Palawan Restaurants

Palawan Restaurants

There are so many wonderful things about Palawan. It would not be called an island paradise for nothing, right? Well, Palawan is truly a vacation haven with many must-see sights and must-do activities in store. A favorite activity in Palawan for local and foreign tourists alike is eating out. Why, Palawan restaurants have so much to offer. Aside from good food, there are the spectacular views of the beach front and the fresh breeze ambience.

There are lots of Palawan restaurants to choose from. All you need to do is to establish your craving and find that one restaurant that define what you want to eat.

Ka Lui’s – This is located very near the Puerto Princesa airport and a lot of people who have been to Palawan think it is senseless to go on an exploration of the province without stopping over this food hub first. The sisig is a must-try as well as the Tuna Cordon Bleu. Ka Lui’s showcases unique recipes that you’d love to savor any mealtime. [Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan; (6348) 433 2580]

Vietville Restaurant – This offers Vietnamese and French cuisine ate their finest. You would love the Kimchi and the French bred served with other recipes cooked just right to satisfy your cravings. People coming out of Vietville just love to be filled in. [nitchie530@yahoo.com; Bgy Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan; (639)27 364 4399]

Tribu Café – If you like continental flavors, this is the place to go. Aside from the elaborate menu, Tribu Café also boasts of a stunning outdoor view that you would toi be accompanied with while having your delectable breakfast. Tribu also offers eat-all-you-can eggs. [Malvar Street Puerto Princesa City, Palawan]

Cafe Arturo – Seafood is a common food fare in this café. It is cooked in so many ways that you will have lots of choices to satisfy your cravings. Lobsters and crabs are the bestsellers, no matter which way they were cooked. [cafe_arturo@yahoo.com; Mahogany Drive, San Jose, Puerto Princesa, Palawan; (6348) 433 4146, (639)21 612 1808]

Badjao Seafront Restaurant – Seafood is the common ingredient in the restaurant food fare. Not only because the province has an abundant supply of seafood but also because the restaurant keeps a hefty stable of tasty seafood dishes. The romantic ambience brought about by the view of the beachfront is an added plus any diner would not mind to have along with their meals. [Abueg Road, Puerto Princesa, Palawan; (6348) 433 9912]

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