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Leyte Festivals and Events

Leyte Festivals and Events

One of the provinces in the Eastern Visayas region that the Philippines boasts of is Leyte. Various festivals and events are held in Leyte which makes this province one of the most-visited places in the country. Let’s take a look at some of the Leyte festivals and events conducted every year.


This festival is held in Calubian, a municipality in Leyte, every August 15. Both locals and tourists look forward to this event because its cultural presentations provide enjoyment and entertainment. The main highlight of this festival is the dance presentations prepared by the locals wherein they emphasize how and why coconut trees are very much valued by the people of Calubian.


The Sanggutan Festival is one of the famous Leyte festivals and events that both tourists and locals also love. It is held in Barugo, a municipality of Leyte, and is celebrated every May 18. While the Lubi Lubi Festival gives importance to coconut trees, the Sanggutan Festival gives importance on the old coconut wine processing that was used in Barugo. Commemoration is shown by the locals through interpretative dances.


Just like the Lubi Lubi Festival, the Pasaka Festival is also celebrated in August. This festival is a major event in the municipality of Tanauan, that’s why locals really look forward to this event. What the locals celebrate during the Pasaka Festival is the richness and prosperity of their lives. Various activities are done during this festival but the main highlight is a dance-drama number.


The Alikaraw Festival is also one of the Leyte festivals and events that local residents look forward to. The people of Hilongos are the ones who organize this event as they really exert effort to entertain people and inform people of their ancient rituals. Tourists are always left in awe every time they witness this festival because of the colorful presentations such as song and dance numbers.


The Sangyaw Festival is held in the capital of Leyte, Tacloban City, in June. What makes this festival different from the other Leyte festivals and events is the effort exerted by Tacloban locals to wear make-ups that are artistically done to look somewhat similar to the appearances of various flowers.

Other Leyte festivals and events include the Buyogan Festival and the Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival. These are all very entertaining events that regular tourists look forward to every year. Those who have not visited Leyte are encouraged to visit this province.


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