Subic Bay: Home of the Great Wreck Dive Sites

The Philippines is rich with great and exciting dive sites. Various species of sea plants, sea creatures, and corals are abundant within the various dive sites found anywhere in the Philippines. Subic Bay is one of the famous dive sites in the Philippines.

Aside from the various species present at sea like corals, dolphins, sharks, stingrays, turtles, fishes, and other more, Subic Bay has other dive sites to offer. Many wreck dive sites surround Subic Bay. The wreck dive sites in Subic Bay are mostly remains of the World War II event. There are about 30 wreck dive sites in Subic Bay and also 30 reef dive sites.

Subic Bay is located in Olongapo City. From Manila, Philippines, the place is about two hours away. Subic Bay is considered as the nearest place for reef and wreck diving from Manila. Along the coastline of Subic Bay, many dive centers and resorts are present that are only minutes away from the different reef and wreck dive sites of the place.

The wreck dive sites that are in Subic Bay consist mostly of vessels from the World War II era such as huge battleships, sea patrol boats, supply ships, antique steam ships, landing amphibians, crashed planes, submarines, and a lot more. Many incidents of ship sinking are happening in Subic Bay during the post-war time adding more ten ships to the wreckage collection.

It is also believed that Spanish ships are also found among the wreckage in Subic Bay. The San Quintin vessel, which is a warship during the Spanish-American War, can be found in the wreck dive sites in Subic Bay. A Spanish galleon of the 16th century and also a Chinese Junk ship are among the wreckage that can be found in the wreck dive sites in Subic Bay.

The remains of the USS New York can be found at the depth of about 27 meters in one of the wreck dive sites in Subic Bay. The USS New York was built in Philadelphia in 1891 that is about 116 meters long. During the Spanish-American War, this battleship was very useful and was sunk intentionally in Subic Bay in December 1941 so that the Japanese will not capture the ship.

In one of the wreck dive sites in Subic Bay at the depth of 34 meters, there lies an LST ship that is about 80 meters long. This ship is a large ship tank that is amphibious and used by the US Coast Guard to deploy troops. There is also a naval ship named El Capitan that was launched in the 1917.

The wreck dive sites in Subic Bay are more than sights to behold underwater. These dive sites are also instruments in unfolding some parts of the Philippine History.

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