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Philippines Destination Guides

Philippines Destination Guides


The “Pearl of the Orient Seas” has long since relied on ecotourism as a revenue generating industry and it didn’t have a hard time going about it because of the many beautiful Philippine destinations that await the visitor. Which Philippine destinations to see when in the country is a tough decision to make but here are some places that are definitely worth seeing.
Banawe Rice Terraces

One does not have to be a farmer to be able to appreciate the beauty of the Banawe Rice Terraces found in the mountain region of the Philippines. The land of the Philippines is well suited for agriculture and rice being a part of every Filipino’s diet is very important to the locals. The Banawe Rice Terraces can be seen in many postcards about the Philippines and that in itself is enough to prove the majesty of this Philippine destination. A whole mountain that goes as far as the eye can see have been converted by the indigenous group in the area into a massive rice plantation and in so doing they followed the contour of the mountains. The indigenous group responsible for the wonder of the Banawe Rice Terraces is the Ifugaos and they have made sure that the rice lands are well irrigated. Lacking formal education, the Banawe Rice Terraces shows the Filipinos’ ingenuity, determination and strength.

Baguio City

The Philippines’ tropical climate can be very warm and humid between the months of March until early June. A great Philippine destination to visit if one is in the country during the summer season is Baguio City. Dubbed the “Summer Capital” of the Philippines, Baguio City has perpetually cool climate because of its location. Baguio City belongs to the Cordillera Mountain Ranges and there are several tourist spots at this Philippine destination. The famous tourist destinations in Baguio City are Camp John Hay, Burnham Park and Session Road. This Philippine destination is also home to beautiful flowers such as roses that thrive only in cold weather and if should chance upon the Baguio City Flower Festival while here, one is definitely in for a treat.

It’s not only foreign visitors that get to enjoy Baguio City. In fact, this location is frequented by locals because of it is relatively near Metro Manila. Tourism is at an all time high though at this Philippine destination during the summer season and during the Flower Festival. During the Flower Festival, one gets to watch beautifully decorated floats filled with flowers parading the streets, showing the Filipinos’ creativity and passion for beauty.

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