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For Locals, Expats and tourists in the Philippines.
At Home on the Islands

At Home on the Islands

Hotels in the Philippines may be easily found as in any other country. They can be discovered in the middle of bustling commercial areas as well as quaint, serene locations throughout the country.

Some of the more affluent, urban hotels offer a wide array of services that cater to a guest’s ultimate satisfaction. The experience of having your own private oasis in the middle of cities such as Metro manila, Cebu and Davao makes a trip to this country an unforgettable experience whether for business or pleasure. The combination of the cityscape and an actual private enclave within it complete one’s craving for a peaceful recluse, while satisfying the urge to enjoy the metropolis and city nightlife.

Resort hotels range from bed and breakfast type inns, to luxurious 5-star retreats with amenities rivaling their counterparts in the cities. With both types, offering peaceful surroundings. These locations have a nature-park or seaside feel, depending on what leisure spots are nearby. Usually, when one opts to explore the great outdoors or lounge in the best beaches the country has to offer, the inexpensive and simple, yet relaxing hotels are a wise choice.

Exploring the beaches and woodland parks usually take up a lot of one’s leisure time and finding a place to just stash your belongings or sleep may be well addressed by these resort hotels. There are also places with luxurious accommodations located in major tourist destinations in the islands for those who choose more high-end treatment, while enjoying their holiday or business trip.

In all these hotels, it is important to cite the fact that they usually provide meals involving local fare and it is highly recommended that one should try these delicacies. Major hotels offer native dishes as part of their buffet menu prepared by recognized chefs. Having a taste of authentic Filipino food heightens the experience of being in one’s chosen hotel whether one is a tourist or local.

Business centers and services are usually provided in these hotels and one only has to pick up the house phone to avail of these essentials for the traveler who cannot help mixing business with pleasure. Other hotel services such as medical services are usually present or have means to be swiftly connected to the nearest healthcare facility, depending on the capacity and type of the hotel.

Exploring the Philippines can be the most fulfilling experience anyone can have, with the abundance of beaches, resorts, and cities alike. The presence of hotels fulfill the ever-present need for a “home away from home”, and can only enrich the memories one will have of this country, long after check out time.

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