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General Santos Transportation

General Santos Transportation


Fondly known to its inhabitants as Gensan, this city in Mindanao is frequented by tourists because of the many natural wonders that can be seen here. The strength of Gensan lies in its thriving agricultural land and although this is the primary source of livelihood here, General Santos is a progressive city. In fact, when in Gensan, one will be amazed at how accessible General Santos transportation is.

Getting to General Santos City

If one is planning a trip to General Santos, it’s a good idea to consider the different means of General Santos transportation that would get one to this thriving city. The quickest way is of course by plane and a direct flight originating from the nation’s capital lasts for about an hour and forty five minutes. There are many airlines that offer promotional packages when it comes to airfares going to General Santos and during off peak season, one might just chance upon promotional offers that will bring ticket rates down to less that Php2000. If however one is not able to book a direct flight, there is another mode of General Santos transportation that can get one there quickly and that is to fly from Manila to Cebu. Once in Cebu, it’s much easier to book a flight that’s headed straight for General Santos City.

Believe it or not, another mode of General Santos transportation is to take the bus although this is a 3 day journey. This passes several provinces on the way to General Santos and the scenery varies from scenic to endless stretches of national road. This costs about Php2000 per person.

If one is considering of getting to this part of Mindanao via sea, a multitude of General Santos transportation options are available. One can take a ferry directly to General Santos or make stopovers in Iloilo for a total travel time of three days. Depending on the type of accommodation options that one chooses, fare can range from Php2000 to Php6000.

Getting Around General Santos City

Once in Gensan, one will notice that almost all types of public utility vehicles that can be seen in Manila can be found here. Among the General Santos transportation options to help one get around the city are jeepneys, tricycles, taxis and buses. The most affordable would of course be the jeepney with fare less than Php10 per head but these make several stops and drive on designated routes. For a more comfortable trip, there are air conditioned taxis and the initial flag down rate is Php30.

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