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Manila Sightseeing Guide

Manila Sightseeing Guide

Sightseeing in Manila, Philippines often involves that portion of the city where the vast Luneta Park sits. Here is a Manila sightseeing guide for tips on how to make the most of a tour to the various spots in Luneta.

It is more convenient to visit Luneta Park, among the best places to see in the Philippines, by commuting and walking. This adds to the adventure and excitement of a Manila tour as this Manila sightseeing guide strongly recommends. However, if a private car is really necessary, the Quirino Grandstand has available parking spaces.

After parking at the grandstand, the first logical stop would be the Ocean Park. This is right behind the grandstand and is very popular among local families who cannot afford the trip to the Ocean Adventure in Subic in Pampanga. Being a new tour craze in Manila (and in the Philippines), a good Manila sightseeing guide would place this as number one among its suggestions.

Luneta Park has a wide variety of other good places to offer tourists and visitors. Most materials (brochures and magazines) featuring a Manila sightseeing guide recommend visiting the giant Philippine Map near Taft Avenue; the Datu Lane where busts of Filipino chieftains or datus are displayed; the giant statue of Lapu-Lapu, the chieftain in the island of Mactan, Cebu who killed Ferdinand Magellan, the Rizal Monument, and the Chinese and Japanese Gardens. These are foremost tourist spots in the Philippines.

Also highly suggested Luneta spots when consulting a good Manila sightseeing guide are the Manila Planetarium, the Rizal Amphitheater, the Tamaraw Monuments, the vast Quirino Grandstand area, and the Bay Area behind it. The Bay Area also extends form here to a portion of the Coastal Road to Cavite, passing through areas of the Children’s Museum, the US Embassy, the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex, Star City (for fun rides, games, and entertainment for the family), and World Trade Center of the Philippines.

There is also the National Library along Luneta’s T.M. Kalaw side and the Tourism Building. This is where groups of Filipino Martial Artists, among them renowned local masters, perform exhibitions and teach in front of the building. Foreign tourists who pass by always stop to watch the performances and even arrange tutorial lessons with the instructors. This Manila sightseeing guide recommends this tour feature in Luneta which is gaining popularity in the Philippines.

After roaming around Luneta Park as this Manila sightseeing guide suggests, tourists would have an idea of what it’s like to tour the Philippines.

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