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Baguio Restaurant Guide

Baguio Restaurant Guide

Where are the best eateries in Baguio City? A good Baguio tour always involves a good and delightful chow. So here is a Baguio Restaurant guide.

Most fast food chains in Baguio are along the busy Session Road and simpler but recommendable eateries are on its inner streets and alleys. Popular fast food stores like Jollibee, KFC, Greenwich, Chowking, McDonalds, and Sizzling are located on Session Road. So at breakfast or lunch time, this Baguio restaurant guide recommends being in the vicinity of Session Road for quick dinner access.

However, other restaurants are also located elsewhere in Baguio offering unique dishes and service. When looking for special eateries other than fast food eateries, then try Bliss Café on Gibraltar Road for fresh vegetarian dishes, the famous Café By the Ruins on Otek Street (near Baguio City Hall) for ethnic Baguio cuisines, and Eve’s Garden on Lamtang Road for unique preparations of fresh lettuce dishes. What this Baguio restaurant guide recommends is try various restaurants for different meals.

Say, visit John Hay early in the morning and have breakfast at Little John’s for tasty American breakfast choices and then try its special Chocolate Fondue topped with fresh strawberries, marshmallows, and bananas. Then proceed to Burnham Park and Baguio City market and later have lunch at O’Mai Khan along Otek Street for some Mongolian dishes, especially barbecue. As a slight digression, this Baguio restaurant guide suggests roaming nearby Rizal Park after a meaty lunch to let all those barbecued dishes properly digest in the tummy.

Next, in the early afternoon, walk leisurely up Session Road for window shopping or an actual shopping extravaganza, checking all the shops and “ukay-ukay” stalls. This would be a tiring adventure so drop by posh Pizza Riccio on upper Session Road and grab a bite of their mouth-watering lasagna and pizzas. This is located in the Baden Powell Inn. Or try Pizza Volante on Session Road and sample its 14-inch pizza.

Later in the evening, return to the hotel for a quick shower and fresh clothes and then go back to the city proper for a good supper at Rose Bowl, which is along Harrison Road near Session Road. This Baguio restaurant guide thinks a cold night in Baguio City is better enjoyed with a hearty supper. So enjoy real Chinese dishes cooked in this pioneer Chinese restaurant which practically grew up with the city.

There are many good Baguio restaurants and many more ways to enjoy them. The foremost Baguio restaurant guide or advice is enjoy as many of them as possible.


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