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Palawan Restaurant Guide

Palawan Restaurant Guide

Palawan attracts many tourists to the Philippines every year. The place has a natural wonder that helped increase the nation’s revenues by more tourists coming in to visit the big island. Eating in Palawan is not a problem at all because today there are many restaurants more than ever.

1.Ka Lui Restaurant – This is a restaurant in Puerto Princesa that is inspired by the natural wonder of the surroundings. The tourists can eat in this restaurant while they enjoy the nice landscape and small waterfalls. The restaurant is also filled with gardens. They offer seafood only. Guests can buy tuna, crabs and lobsters. The desserts in this restaurant are very native and most of them are made from coconut and rice like rice cakes. Guests will be asked to take off their shoes when they enter. The whole place is designed with bamboos giving the cool ambiance and serenity. The dishes here are very affordable ranging from one hundred pesos up to one hundred fifty pesos. The service is also excellent. They can be found along Rizal Avenue. You can call them and inquire more about their food and reservation through the telephone number 63-48-433-25-80.

2.Kamarikutan Kape and Galeri – This literally means Wilderness Cafe and Gallery. This is a good coffee shop which becomes the place where the artists of Palawan relax. This place promotes the talent of the local painters by featuring their works. Their best seller is their coffee blends and snacks. They also offer different Filipino dishes. They sell the art works of the artists and they help them promote their works. This is also another establishment along Rizal Avenue in the capital of Palawan. You can call them at 63-48-433-5182.

3.Kawayan Grill – Thi is a restaurant where you can enjoy grilled dishes. Their best seller is their version of the grilled chicken. Many locals also like ordering the dried fish. This is found in Coron. The dried fish in Coron is larger however it is really tasty. They also serve it with their own version of seaweed ensalada. They also serve ceviche served fresh and in huge portions. The ceviche are diced up and the vinegar is the marinade. This grill is known for their affordability so big groups like eating in this place.
4.Bistro Coron – This is probably the best coffee place in Coron. They also have one of the best tasting apple pies in the area. A french national owns this bistor and he makes the bread they serve. They aslo have gourmet dishes. The pizza is just like how the French do it. Other best sellers are their pork tenderloin, chicken with rosemary and other French meals.

5.Village Lodge – This is another restaurant in Coron where locals invite tourists to taste the best Bulalo which means beef stew. The ambiance of the place is conducive for family gatherings.

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