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For Locals, Expats and tourists in the Philippines.
Philippines Beach Guide

Philippines Beach Guide

Hospitality, generosity and kindness are all adjectives describing the attitude of people of the Philippines. When thinking of the Philippines however, most of the people think of the clear waters, white sand beaches and the millions of palm trees and somehow they are right about this vision. There is something about the beaches in the Philippines that makes the whole experience different than on another beach in another country and it has something to do with the adjectives we recited earlier. Let us take you on this Philippines Beach Guide to elaborate how these attributes come together in one place.

Our journey starts in Batangas, Luzon where we will visit the first white sand beach through our Philippines Beach Guide. One of the best beaches around Batangas is Matabungkay beach which also has a beach resort and spa where you can stay and relax. Matabungkay beach is full of locals that make you feel like home and even invite you out for a swim in their tire inflatables. You will find vendors walking around giving you tips on the region and also trying to sell a local specialty called ube potato.

The next beach in the Philippines Beach Guide is not so far away and is famous not for the beach itself but for what it yields underneath. We are talking about the most popular dive site in the Philippines; Puerto Galera. The white sand beaches are again a sight of paradise, but also dare to take a dip into the sea and discover the marine life that Puerto Galera beaches have to offer and maybe you will get lucky with seeing a shark, whaleshark or manta ray.

Moving on to the next spot of the Philippines Beach Guide, which is Philippines most popular party and event island Boracay. Boracay is known for its long pristine white sand beaches and you will definitely not get enough of Boracay if you are into events, socializing and party. Just another hop away is another beach in the Philippines Beach Guide which is located on the island of Palawan. Palawan is pure relaxation and is famous for its natural resources such as underwater rivers, natural parks and sanctuaries.

The Visayan Region also yields great beaches such as the ones in Bohol which are on the Philippines Beach Guide as well. Bohol is also another great dive site in the Philippines and you will find many family resorts along the Bohol beaches. The last beach on the Philippines Beach Guide are the beaches in the Mindanao city of Davao. Relax, dive or try to catch some pearls on the pearl farms of Davao.

Beaches in the Philippines are not rare and in every beach you will find a typical Filipino attribute such as the hospitality of the Luzon people, the cheerful moods in Boracay, the generosity of the Mindanao people and the kindness of the Bohol people. Live life to the fullest in the beaches of the Philippines.

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