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Davao Festivals and Events

Davao Festivals and Events


The land of the exotic fruit, Durian, has much more to offer than just delicious fruits and wonderful looking flowers. Davao festivals are highly anticipated events and many visitors go to this place in the southern Philippines to enjoy a lively and highly entertaining day.

Kadayawan Festival

Celebrated in August and the focus being on the indigenous group that have lived in Davao since centuries back, the Kadayawan Festival is an interesting event that captures the culture of this sector. The indigenous group of Mindanao has gone through many experiences in the past, both good and bad, and their journey is depicted in the presentations made during the Kadayawan Festival. There are two parts to this Davao festival and they are the Lumadnong Kasaulogan and the Subay sa Lumadnong Kagikan. The first part of the Kadayawan Festival is the main event and here, the indigenous group’s culture and arts are on display. Part of their culture is the colorful hand woven costumes that they wear everyday and the members spend a lot of time making them. The Kadayawan Festival also showcases the traditional dances of the indigenous group and some of their handmade crafts can be bought during this Davao festival. The second part of this Davao festival, the Subay sa Lumadnong Kagikan will help the visitor learn about the impact that this group has on the Filipino artists from years back to present. The Kadayawan Festival is also about the history of this indigenous group and their importance to today’s society.

Araw ng Dabao Oryental

Another great Davao festival is the Araw ng Dabao Oryental. The whole of Davao celebrates this event with grandeur. The parades on the streets of Davao will surely get one’s attention with rhythmic beating of the drums and the fast beat dancing of dancers dressed in colorful costumes during the Araw ng Dabao Oryental. Even the malls celebrate this Davao festival by showcasing products of Davao and selling them at discounted rates. There are numerous beauty pageants during the Araw ng Dabao Oryental, and contestants from those below 12 years of age and up to 25 can participate. There is also a music fest during the Araw ng Dabao Oryental and numerous bands play at the SM Mall Event Center. Everybody is welcome to join the festivities or just simply watch the events that transpire during the lively celebration of the Araw ng Dabao Oryental. At the end of the day, an amazing fireworks display illuminates the night sky.

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