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A Grand Dive Site at Anilao, Batangas

A Grand Dive Site at Anilao, Batangas

Perfect diving and snorkeling for an amazing view of the sea underworld… This is what a grand dive site in Anilao, Batangas is all about.

Anilao boasts of an azure sea teeming with fish life and coral formations along with an abundance of diving spots. A glimpse into waist-deep crystal clear waters shows a microcosm of the spectacular sea world beneath.

Anilao is a three-hour travel from Buendia, Makati (where one can take a bus to Batangas), passing through the Mabini, Bauan terminal. From there, a ride to the Mabini dock area is available, and finally another ride (special trips are available) to Anilao diving spots.

For good diving spots, a short raft trip to deeper waters is recommended. Rented rafts and small boats for this purpose are available in Anilao. As one goes farther into the bay, this dive site reveals more fish and other sea creature havens and undulating coral reefs.

Macro photography is ideal as one sinks deeper into this dive site and discovers divisions of diving spots that offer fantastic views of the Anilao deep. Crinoids of different bright colors sprawl copiously on the sea floors and coral ridges. This dive site also reveals different varieties of other sea flora and fauna, like the nudibranchs, among others.

A more adventurous diving aficionado can choose a night session in the diving spots and discover nocturnal sea animals like sea hares and goblins to take macro photo shots of. There are also plenty of catfish eels and ghost pipe fishes to feast the eyes with. Not far away from coral reefs are blue-ringed octopuses and schools of mandarin fish.

A diving spot to look for deep down the sea floor is the so-called “Cathedral.” Seen at some 50 feet below, this is marked by a strange cross flanked by two heaps of coral reefs. Lots of fish species get their food at this site. Thus, a night visit in this diving spot rewards one with a stunning show of reef formations and sea life. Another diving spot of Anilao dive site is what divers fondly call “Sombrero.” It is like a hat of coral formations where fish linger and scour for food. Nearer to shore are Beatrice and Bajura, where also fish groups abound.

Anilao waters is a dive site off Batangas offering superb underwater sceneries that will impress even professional divers. It has different diving spots perfect with massive coral reefs and abundant sea life.

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