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Zamboanga Hotel Guidea

Zamboanga Hotel Guidea

Staying in the Spanish town of the Philippines is not always that easy, because you need to know a little bit about the city in order to find a great hotel. There are places big and small to stay in the little Spain of the Philippines, but none that has an international recognizable brand. Let us help you find a great hotel to stay with the Zamboanga Hotel Guide.

The first place in the Zamboanga Hotel Guide is located in the heart of the city and this hotel is one of the oldest places around. The Lantaka is not the up to date facility for young people but it still has the flair from the past which makes this place ideal for elderly travelers and families. This hotel has a pool area and of course a restaurant where you can munch your breakfast before exploring the city. This hotel has a gift shop and only costs an average of $50 per night.

If you came to the Philippines for their white beaches then the Zamboanga Hotel Guide presents you the Dakak Park Beach Resort. This hotel is a beachfront establishment where you can easily go to and fro the private beach to enjoy your daily activities. The food is great and healthy and you can relax in their pools or spa. For an average of $80 per night, this beachfront beauty seems a tad too costly, but you will surely find your reasons to stay in the little Spain of the Philippines.

The Zamboanga Hotel Guide takes you now to the Garden Orchid Hotel which is one of the most popular in this city. The Garden Orchid Hotel has everything one could want in a hotel in the Philippines and we are not exaggerating. You will find a ballroom, function rooms, convention centers, laundry services, car rentals, money changer, an executive clubhouse, a gym, a sauna, a tennis court, beauty salons and barber shops, a convenience store, a souvenir shop, a travel agency, a restaurant, and a pool area. Now you know we didn’t exaggerate. The average room rate per night ranges around $60.

The last hotel on our Zamboanga Hotel Guide is the Grand Astoria Hotel. There are many other Astoria hotels scattered throughout the Philippines but this one promises very spacious rooms and they do not disappoint. The food is good, but can also be avoided yet the rooms are a great investment. The Astoria also has a fitness gym and it is in walking distance of all the major malls. The average cost for a single room is around $80.

Enjoy your Zamboanga Hotel Guide further and maybe you will find so many more places to stay in the little Spain of the Philippines.

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