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Bohol Beach Guide

Bohol Beach Guide

Bohol has been gaining more popularity these past few years. People in Bohol are warm and hospitable. The place is considered a paradise by people who have visited it. The capital is Tagbilaran city. This is the point of entry. Tagbilaran is where you can find the only airport in Bohol. People go to Bohol to enjoy the beaches and the sights to see.

Panglao Island is Bohol’s popular island where you can find the top resorts and hotels in Bohol. Alona beach is the loveliest beach in Panglao. It is where most establishments can be found. This part of the island is in the southwest end. Alona beach is one and half kilometers in length and it has several resorts offering accommodations and package tours for varying prices. Alona beach also has great diving sites offering different coral formations and filled with marine life. There are great places in Alona beach where you can eat with your family and friends. There are schools where you can learn how to dive and rent some diving equipments as well. The only setback in Alona beach are probably some big urchins which can reach the beach from time to time so it is best take precautions when you are swimming. Never forget to take your equipment for snorkeling when you are hundred meters away from the shore where you will go near the hour reef’s edge which is five meters in depth and you can observe the life underneath the waters. Most boatmen know the perfect spots to scuba dive. There are different reefs where you can see the amazing life underneath the water.

Dumaluan Beach is the beach on the southern part of Panglao. It is two and a half kilometers away from the Alona beach. There are more resorts here that can offer more privacy because most of them are exclusives like the Bohol Beach Club.

Bikini Beach is another beach eight kilometers away from the capital of Bohol. This is a popular place for families and friends who like to enjoy a picnic.

Momo Beach is another beach on the northern part of Panglao island. This is a beach with shallow waters.

Doljo Beach is situated on the northwestern side of Panglao. It is closer to Momo beach and it is a good beach as well. It is free from the common sea grass present in other beaches. There are several shells you can find when you walk along the beach.

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