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General Santos Beach Guide

General Santos Beach Guide

There are a lot of activities that you can do when in this beautiful city, but definitely one of the most exciting would be to go visit the beaches in and around the area. This General Santos beach guide can give you an idea of where to go.

One of the destinations that would definitely be worth checking out is Gumasa Beach, which is only a couple of hours away. This General Santos beach guide can inform you that there are several valid reasons why it is so popular among tourists. The waters are very clear and unspoiled, with none of the problems that afflict other beaches that are frequented by too many people. Moreover, the sands around the beach are exceedingly fine, perfect for daily strolls.

Another site that should be in any General Santos beach guide is London Beach off Siguel. Siguel is only a few minutes away by motor vehicle from General Santos, and once you get there, you will be able to savor the pure air and water around the area. There are also resorts nearby so finding a place to stay in will not be a problem.

Nearby is Tropicana Beach. Compared with other beaches, it is quiet and serene, which would be welcomed by tourists and travelers who just want to spend some quiet time by the ocean shore. The cool breeze that emanates from the sea can be felt night and day, so you can visit it at any time and still savor the breeze.

Tuka Beach is also a place worthy of inclusion in this General Santos beach guide. It is situated off Kiamba in Sarangani, which is not that far off from General Santos. The beach is divided into Tuka Beach 1, 2, 3 and 4. Each one is filled with interesting sights, not the least of which are the hills and mountains covering the surrounding landscape.

All of the beaches in Tuka have their own distinct features, and there are several things that you can enjoy. You can go on a boating trip, or as most people now do, go to the nearby theme park, for which the entire place is named. This General Santos beach guide can point out that you will see a wide array of exotic animals in the area, several of which are located only in the local seas.

This General Santos beach guide only gives you an overview of the features of these sites. Once there, you will find other hidden treasures and thrills that will make your stay even more exciting.

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  1. karen mae balleza

    could you please send me an information about how many or numbers of tourist arrival in general santos city in year 2011? the difference of number of domestic tourist and foreign tourist.. i need it very much because it helps it a lot on my thesis..thank you

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