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Puka Shell Beach: Blissfully Secluded in Boracay

Puka Shell Beach: Blissfully Secluded in Boracay

When it comes to vacationing spots in the Philippines, tourists and locals alike know that Boracay is number one on the list of great places to visit. Once known for being the ideal destination for a quiet and relaxing island getaway, Boracay is now known for being full of life. White Beach, in particular, is the place to party and the place to be seen. The good news for those who want a little of both worlds though, is that in the northernmost area of the island lies somewhere blissfully secluded—Puka Shell Beach.

Puka Beach is the second largest beach on Boracay Island, and was named after the millions of puka shells that are found here. White from being bleached by the sun, these puka shells were collected by the island’s innovative locals to produce different pieces of jewelry that became extremely popular between the 1960’s and the 1980’s.

Although the waters are slightly rougher and deeper here and the sand is not as powdery white as the sand on White Beach, the peacefulness and beauty of this place, especially during the sunset, is what makes it worth the trip.

If you’re planning on having lunch or spending the day here, you might want to stock up on food and cold drinks. Puka Beach is definitely not a commercial area compared to White Beach. There are no resorts and shops lined up by the shore and the beach is practically isolated, with only a small number of vendors patrolling the beach, selling beads, jewelries, and at times, ice cream.

You may, however, want to try eating at Tesebel’s, the lone restaurant on this part of the island. They are known quite well for their extremely delicious food. Their seafood such as garlic prawns, crabs, and calamari are crowd favorites.

For first-timers to Boracay, Puka Shell Beach is accessible through various ways. The most common transport you can take is a rented banca or paraw, which will also heighten your appreciation for the beauty of this area. You may also opt to go by land, by hiring a tricycle, or for the more adventurous types, by biking or hiking. During the off season though, you may want to arrange for your tricycle or boat to come back for you at a certain time, since you may not have many options going back to the mainland later on.

With blue waters and a serene, 800-meter stretch of fine sand, Puka Beach is an ideal place to spend the day if you are looking for a tropical getaway.

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