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Puerto Galera Restaurants

Puerto Galera Restaurants

Puerto Galera is the place to be especially during summer. Its beaches are diverse and have lots of attention-grabbing factors that attract local and foreign tourists alike.

Puerto Galera restaurants, for one are truly must visits. They give the complete deal of great food, fantastic ambience, and a good company – all that you want and more for a satisfying meal. There are many things to choose from among Puerto Galera restaurants. You will surely find what you will be looking for if you scout Puerto Galera restaurants.

Capt’ Greggs – this restaurant has a unique, nautical theme. It is ideal for relaxing night outs with a good company to enjoy. It is especially sought for to watch picturesque sunsets over a few drinks and a platter of delectable dishes. Aside from the stunning view from the seaside, there are the many dishes including pastas and omelettes to fill your stomach in with good food. [Sabang Beach, Puerto Galera]

Bamboo House Restaurant – Dining out on a Filipino theme is attractive for foreign tourists. That’s because somehow, they get to grasp the Filipino way of life. Eating out at Bamboo House is a good way of experiencing the best of the Philippines as a tropical paradise. Seafood that are freshly cooked and fruits that are freshly picked make a good pair for a satisfying meal. At night, you can enjoy a few drinks along with the karaoke. [http://www.bamboohousebeach.com/; inquire@bamboohousebeach.com; Talipanan, Puerto Galera; (639]17 562 0992]

Sharkeez Pizzeria – Pizza is always nice to have wherever you may be. It serves as a good snack that goes pretty well with just about any kind of drink. Wine, cocktails, and beers make a favorite pair with different pizza toppings. It also helps that you can have your thin crust pizzas with heavy meat or veggie toppings or both. Whatever pizza you like and however you like it, you will surely find something to order at Sharkeez. Its extensive array of pizzas is a blessing to enjoy a gastronomic adventure. [Muelle Pier, Puerto Galera]

Mabuhay Dive Resort – Staying at a dive resort is the most convenient way of spending a vacation at Puerto Galera. Doing so, you will have access to many sea adventures, a good choice of accomodation, and of course, delectable meals. The nice view completes the amazing package especially as the sun sets in. International and Chinese flavors are put together to build the restaurant’s menu, making it a must-try for local and foreign tourists alike. [www.m-dive.com; Small Lalaguna Beach, Puerto Galera]

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