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Bohol: Takes Pride With Its White Sandy Beaches

Bohol: Takes Pride With Its White Sandy Beaches

Bohol is the tenth largest island of the Philippine archipelago. It is situated in Central Visayas with its capital Tagbilaran City. This little paradise island is world-renowned for its beautiful and eye-captivating tourist attractions.

One of the major attractions in Bohol is its fabulous beach resorts. These beach resorts are enumerable and countless across Bohol Island. Each of them paints typical scenery of a tropical resort. Accented with palm trees, long stretches of fine white sand and crystal blue waters complete their paradise-like panorama.

A number of these splendid beach resorts on Bohol Island are Alona Kew White Beach Resort, Ananyana Beach Resort, Dumaluan Beach Resort, Lost Horizon Beach Resort, Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa, Bohol Beach Club, and Panglao Island Nature Resort. These mentioned resorts are located on Dauis-Panglao Island, a smaller island of Bohol.

Meanwhile, there are still plenty of equally fantastic beach resorts in Dauis-Panglao, as well as in other coastal towns of Bohol. The Coco White Beach Resort is located along the bay of Guindulman, while the Bituon Beach Resort is strategically situated on top of wonderful cliffs of the same town. A certain beautiful beach resort is situated in another island of Bohol. Isla Hayahay is to be found in Pangangan Island, Calape. The Flower Beach Resort is located in tranquil surroundings in the town of Anda, Bohol.

Those mentioned are just a small number of beach resorts found in Bohol. Each of them has their own strategies and amenities to accommodate guests, from the cozy well-maintained bungalows complete with modern facilities, mouth-watering dishes, and breathtaking scenic views. A dream vacation on these terrific spots would be well worth while.

Holidays and vacations spent on these spectacular white sand beaches would perfectly turn out to be enjoyable at the same time memorable. It is great for a family vacation, for honeymooners, lovers, and friends who want to get away from their stressful work and city life. Bohol beaches are definitely the place to be with their serenity and tropical ambiance that is soothing for vacation-goers.

Beach activities such as snorkeling, diving, outdoor and water sports, or just simply sitting back and relaxing under the shade of palm trees put in excitement and fun. In addition to that, recreational facilities are also available at some of these beach resorts such as jacuzzis, spas, island hopping, and scuba diving.

Bohol takes pride in its great number of world-class white sandy beaches. Beach resorts offer quality service to ensure tourists pleasure and contentment. The white sand beaches never fail to impress even the meticulous critic.Bohol beaches are guaranteed for a one-of-a-kind dream vacation realized.

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