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Dumaguete Travel Agents

Dumaguete Travel Agents

The ‘City of Gentle People’ or Dumaguete City, has its own way of ‘snatching’ the hearts of every tourist and visitor who had a chance staying in this very attractive city. History attested that the place of Dumaguete had been very enticing. The word ‘danggit’, a root word of ‘Dumaguete’ literally means ‘to snatch’. The place was so-called because of the looting assaults of the Muslim raiders on this coastal municipality. Another word, however, could be attributed was the word ‘dumaguet’ (to swoop) because of the influence or attraction to keep the place’s visitors to stay and live for good.

Dumaguete City: The University Town

The city is well-known as an educational destination for the surrounding provinces and municipalities in Mindanao and Visayas Regions. The presence and existence of seven universities and noted colleges are the reasons why it is place of established educational system. Siliman University is one of the distinguished universities in Dumaguete and the first American founded university outside the Metropolitan Manila. Aside from these tertiary education establishments, Dumaguete City has all in all, nine secondary education schools (high school) and twelve institutions for primary or elementary education.

Main Attractions

Best dive spots have characterized the area of Dumaguete City as a coastal area. The Sumilon and Apo Islands are some of the noted world-class diving sites in Dumaguete City. Other marine related activities like dolphin watching (nearby Bais Bay) and kayaking are popular among tourists and locals alike.

Talking about Business in Dumaguete City

The onset and the wave of business process outsourcing or BPO in the international market has also been one of the major commercial drive in the growth and progress in the economy of the city. The booming outsourcing process venture is widely branched out with diverse services (editing, medical transcription, publishing, call center industry et al). There are other business drivers in Dumaguete City such as medical services and real estate industry.

Catching this Special Place

The natural beauty of this place since time immemorial, has been one of the reasons why those who had a chance to be in the place, seemed to be ‘swooped’ to stay in the place. To have a real account, to be a witness, and to have a first hand experience of what it takes to be ‘captured’ by this place is to stay in Dumaguete City. Dumaguete Travel and Tours is a service travel and tours office or agency based on the city itself (Perdices Street, Dumaguete City).

Since its foundation way back 2000, the agency had served a lot of tourists regarding their travel needs (visa and passport processing). The agency also arranges domestic and international trips and they are also specialized in providing educational and cultural field trips for the students. Dumaguete is certainly one of the best havens of total getaway and vacation. As always good and relaxing timeout has something to do with the right timing and being at the right place.

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