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Philippine Beaches on the Go

Philippine Beaches on the Go

If you are a person with busy life style and you are tired from all of the hectic schedules you have, all you need is a great vacation hideaway and some nice beaches and friendly people to accompany you.

Why not try to have a vacation in some tropical paradise to wash away that stress. Undoubtedly, the Philippines is an excellent place to go. With its 7,100 plus islands, there are so many choices for your own satisfaction. With so many islands, there is no surprise that it is called “Asia’s beach capital.”

The beaches crystal blue waters and fine, white sands are the most frequently visited tourist destinations in the Philippines by the locals and foreigners.

Here is the list of some famous beaches in the Philippines that are popular tourist destinations throughout the year.

Most tourists prefer Boracay Beach as their travel destinations in the country. Boracay Beach is one of the prides of Philippine beaches for its powder white sands, covering a 4-kilometer coastline. It is also one of the ‘finest beaches in the world’. The vibrant nightlife is another reason why tourists love Boracay Beach.

Another great vacation hideaway is the island of Puerto Galera in Mindoro, it is one of the best diving spots in Philippine beaches- a perfect getaway for diving enthusiasts.

And if you are a nature lover and a beach bum person, El Nido in Palawan is the right place for you. El Nido is loaded of unspoiled beaches, coral reefs, and crystal blue water; it is also the country’s last frontier- a paradise for tourists like you.

Moreover, let us not forget Honda Bay in Palawan as one of the top Philippine beaches in the country; perfect for snorkeling and diving. With islets dotting in the bay with fine sand beaches, island hopping is one of the exciting activity at Honda Bay.

In addition, we cannot fail to bring up the superb beach resort and majestic Pearl Farm in Davao. It was once a pearl farm inhabited by thousands of cultivated oysters yielding white, pink, and gold pearls. It will surely compliment your vacation with its picturesque landscapes and seascapes.

We only mentioned some of the top finest beaches in the Philippines but we assure you that it would complete your list of reasons of having a break apart from your enduring stress and vexing co-workers. Taking a break to Philippine beaches is definitely a way to spend your invaluable time.

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