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Makati Restaurant Guide

Makati Restaurant Guide

Choosing a good restaurant in Makati is easy. To make it even much easier and more convenient, here is a Makati restaurant guide for diners with only a few hours to plan ahead for dining out.

For starters, dining cost can be estimated well if placed at Php 300 per person for expensive restaurants. If the budget can afford something higher, then well and good. But this Makati restaurant guide advices a budget not lower than Php 300 for a very quality dinner in a classy restaurant.

Many classy restaurants are found along Jupiter Street parallel to Gil Puyat Avenue, through the stretch of Jupiter Street also has some affordable restaurants that offer around Php 150 per person menus, and even something slightly less. These are often full-packed on weekends, so a Makati restaurant guide tip to remember is to reserve in advance, especially when eating out in groups.

The Ayala Center is another area in Makati where posh restaurants are located. Many of them are on several levels of Glorietta which provides an excellent setting for several more night-life activities before or after a good dinner. Aside from shopping, there are trade shows to see or movies to watch—this aside from being worry-free about ample car parking. So this Makati restaurant guide suggests that a thorough scouting around Glorietta for the right stylish restaurant to spend a date in be done pronto!

Of course, there is also the Greenbelt area—another Makati haven for fine dining and quality dinner menus and ambiance. The place looks super at daytime but nothing can probably compare to it when evening comes. Just one look at Greenbelt at night and people can expect what’s waiting on the dinner table in any restaurant in the area they’d choose. This Makati restaurant guide suggests trying out world-class restaurants in the vicinity.

Makati restaurants that serve buffet dinners are quite famous for their excellent cuisine options. And be ready with a budget around Php 300 to Php 400 per person. Most of them don’t charge for service, but just prepare for the value added tax. And buffet dinners in Makati restaurants are always proceeded with excellent loaded desserts so that this Makati restaurant guide advices on taking as low sugar intakes as possible during the day to make ample room for dessert after supper at these restaurants.

For really enjoyable dinners worth the expense, always opt for Makati restaurants. Seek them out in the places aforementioned in this Makati restaurant guide, now!

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