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Angeles City Sightseeing Guide

Angeles City Sightseeing Guide

An Angeles sightseeing guide comes in handy when there are a lot of things to see and do in this entertainment capital of the Philippines. Though famous for its nightlife, one can still find a lot of interesting sites and activities during the day. We’ll begin our Angeles sightseeing guide with what the city is well known for, nightlife.

The nights are alive in Balibago in Angeles City. This is where you’ll find restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, and a lot of nightclubs and bars. Not far from here you’ll find casino’s where you can risk whatever amount of money you’d like. But the fun never stops here even after the sun rises.

There are a lot of daytime sites and activities to see and do, which is the next part of our Angeles sightseeing guide. This is relative proof that there are more reasons to visit the place. Like other major tourist destinations in the Philippines, Angeles City has a number of historical sites that date back to the colonial times.

One of these historical sites is the nostalgic Fort Stotsenburg in Sapang Bato, which was a campsite of the American expeditionary forces in the Philippines. Other historic sites here include the Pamintuan Residence, where the Central Bank of the Philippines is located, Bale Matua, which is a Spanish mansion in Santo Rosario, and the Camalig, which was a barn built in 1840 fully restored and today stands as a pizza place.

Moving on with our Angeles sightseeing guide, we’ll look into some nature trails and other fun and popular things to do. First off will have to be trekking up Mount Pinatubo. You’ll love the nature trails and see how beautiful this once-destructive volcano is. If you’re not up to climbing rough trails then you may still get a view of Mount Pinatubo from the sky. You may charter a plane and get an aerial tour of the scenery from over 6,000 feet.

The more subdued activities and sites are next in our Angeles sightseeing guide. The Clearwater Country Club is an ideal place for horseback riding, swimming, and strolling in a stress-free setting. A couple of golf courses you might find interesting are the Marina Hills Golf Course and the Air Force City Golf Course. Cultural sites here include the Christmas Village, which highlights the Christmas spirit as the holidays are celebrated in the Philippines, and the Nayong Pilipino is a theme park that displays and highlights the Philippines’ history and culture.

The sights and activities featured in this Angeles sightseeing guide highlights both the daytime and nighttime activities. The city has a lot of interesting places to see and fun activities to experience. These are some of the big reasons why tourists flock to Angeles City.

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