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Dumaguete Government Sites

Dumaguete Government Sites

The City that ‘Swoops’

The history of the first settlers and its civilization had something to do with the natural attractiveness of the place. The location was said to be looted by Muslim buccaneers that used to ‘daggit’ or ‘to snatch’ something out of this place. Another account said; its charm never failed to magnetize visitors to come and stay for good, hence, the word ‘dumaguet’ (to swoop). Until in 1734, the place was known to be Dumaguete: the City of Gentle People.

Dumaguete City: University Town

The city of Dumgauete has a distinct reputation of being ‘the center of learning in the south’ for some obvious reasons. The presence of notable universities and colleges made Dumaguete City famous locally and internationally as well. Thus, it was considered a ‘melting pot’ of scholars, artists, professionals and students from different parts of the Philippines and of the world. The presence of Siliman University had given the university town aura since its foundation. The said university is the oldest American-established university in Asia. The Siliman Main Library is considered to be as one of the largest libraries in the Philippines. Other universities and colleges situated in Dumaguete are Saint Paul University of Dumaguete, Negros Oriental State University (or NORSU) and Foundation University. Computer schools or Information Technology (IT) related schools are also prevalent in Dumaguete City as well (AMA Computer College, STI College and Asian College of Science and Technology or ACSAT).

Festivities of the city of Dumaguete

The following are some notable feasts or reasons for merry making in Dumaguete City. Every month of May, Santacruzan and May Flower Festival are being commemorated by the last week of the month. The foundation of Siliman University is being celebrated during August annually. The Buglasan Festival and the founder’s day of Saint Paul’s University of Dumaguete are being held every October yearly.

Getting to know more about Dumaguete City

The status of the place as the center of education in the southern part of the Philippines had paved way to the influx of individuals to study, stay and do business. With this thing in mind, the local government of the city of Dumaguete use one of the most effective ways to access the place in the most convenient way. The official website (www.dumaguetecity.gov.ph) is the cyberspace gateway of the city of Dumaguete. It is full of information for individual who would like to have a glimpse of the beauty of Dumaguete City. As a traveler, it is a must to check this website for real-time updates regarding the place.

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