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Tacloban Education

Tacloban Education

Dubbed as ‘the Gateway to Region VIII,’ the City of Tacloban is also a place where people can easily get find quality education. With all the premier universities and colleges available in the area, the Tacloban education system has become highly efficient in delivering superior learning experiences to everyone. With the presence of all these wonderful academic establishments, finding conducive places for study without spending too much is very easy.

Saint Scholatica’s College

As one of the prestigious academic institutions in the Philippines today, Saint Scholastica’s College has a campus that is part of the continuously developing Tacloban education system. Since 1906, the religious group behind this school system has been delivering outstanding quality education to students in the country. With the help of this school, everyone can learn without spending too much on tuition fees. This tertiary school now offers extensive academic programs with various courses related to information technology, business management and accounting. Students can also get academic degrees by enrolling in its other courses in the fields of commerce as well as arts and sciences.

J.E. Mondejar Computer College

Primarily a computer school, J.E. Mondejar Computer College has expanded in recent years. Today, it also features comprehensive and fully developed academic programs. The most popular computer-related courses available inside this academic institution are computer technology, computer secretarial and information management. Likewise, this reliable tertiary school also offers other challenging courses such as computer science, PC operation and computer hardware technology. Furthermore, there are also non-computer-related programs available including homecare, caregiver and nursing. For those who wish to develop and build future careers in the hospitality industry, they can enroll in highly relevant courses like culinary arts as well as hotel and restaurant management.

University of the Philippines-Visayas

Aside from its huge campuses in Manila and Quezon City, the University of the Philippines school system has a branch in Tacloban, Leyte. Just like all the other campuses, this branch offers students within the area the wonderful opportunity to earn academic degrees without spending too much money. More than anything else, students enroll in this tertiary school because of its high standard education and super low tuition fees. Compared to other colleges and universities in the area, this school offers one of the most extensive programs. Some of the undergraduate courses available here are Bachelor of Science in Oceanology, Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Bachelor of Science in Aquaculture. In addition to these, the place also offers other nice undergraduate courses including Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Established in 1973, this university also features courses in fine arts, accountancy and education.

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